My Pirate and Princess Party tickets


Came today!!! YEAH ME!!! :blush:


hurray! i really want to go to this party sometime!! can’t wait to hear all about it!


Congratulations - You will have a blast!


I hope so!! I figure it’s kind of like the Halloween party but a different theme!! Plus we’re going on a tuesday so hopefully crowds will be low!!

I’m really making my best friends first time worthwhile!!! (Well, I’m trying!! :blush:)




Great news! Have an amazing time, you’re gonna love it.


My 4-year old and I went in August and we had a blast! Even though it POURED! We still had a wonderful time.

When are you going?


We’re going Tuesday, February 5th!!!


We are heading down Feb 7 through the 11 and we were going to go, do I need to purchase tickets beforehand?


I think you can get them the night of (unless it’s sold out)
but you will pay more than if you order them before hand (i think it’s 5$ more per ticket but i could be wrong).

we got a great AP discount of 29.95 per adult!


I just purchased mine for the 9th of Feb!! So excited, I would recommend buying beforehand . . . I was there for MNSSHP, and a cast member told me that lately, all SPECIAL events seem to be SOLD OUT! So if you know FOR SURE you are going . . . I’d book it asap! :happy:

BTW, we went last March and it is SO MUCH fun! :wub:


Yeyyy! You will have a ball. I just got mine too… I am going on March 14th, the first day of my kids spring break! We are starting off with a trip to Cinderella’s castle for a trip to the boutique to get gussied up, than dinner @ Cinderella’s table, then the party starts…I am so excited! for my girls that is, its their birthday.


I had no idea that these were selling out. They don’t pack the park like on a regular day, so I guess they stick to that limit! Better buy the tickets now, to be safe!


You will have SO much fun! We loved it last year and would go again in a heartbeat if there was one scheduled when we are there :O)

We bought tickets over the phone before hand and picked them up at will call at the front of the park to save mailing time/charges ect…


If you purchase them before 12/15 you’ll save $12 per ticket.