My Plan - Your opinion


I am working on our itinerary for the June trip. Stepping back - it looks like it starts out Commando but relaxes after the initial assault. The troupe consists of three DDs 20/18/17; Two DSs 15/15; DW and I. Is it too much? What do you think?

Arrive/Check in
Go to MK (DD’s Birthday)

Early to park - Pooh Breakfast 10:30
Pool Break
Evening at MGM (EMH)
Dinner@ Hollywood and Vine


Day at AK
Afternoon free

Day at EP
Pool Break
EMH Illuminations

Plan Last three days – What have we missed? What should be repeated?

Free Day
Water Park?
Cirque du Soleil/DD/DQ

Free Day
Victoria & Alberts

Monday (DW Birthday)
Lilo/Stitch Breakfast
Free day

Tuesday Booo - we leave.


I love the smell of Disney in the morning, it smells like, like fun! Commando it is!! Are the troops strong of heart and body? Be a strong leader and go for the throat!!! :pirate: :pirate:


Great itinerary. If you look closely at it, it isn’t all that Commando. Whenever I see phrases like “pool break” and “afternoon free”, it definitely lessens the commando factor. Plus, it doesn’t look like you are hopping to more than 2 parks a day-very shrewd. WDW veterans know that 2 parks a day should be the max.

As for what you should repeat, I always say repeat that which gives you the most Disney Magic. What just feels Disney to you? It could be a stroll up Main Street USA, or a walk around World Showcase. Whenever I’m towards the end of my trip, and I’m looking to repeat something, I try to capture as much of the Disney Magic to bring home with me as possible.

You and your merry troupe will have a magical time.


I like it, but with one caveat.

My experience has been that Mondays, particularly at the end of the school year, are PACKED with families with little screaming rugrats. So, depending on what time you check-in, you may want to reconsider.

However, in June, MK is usually open until 10 or 11 and some nights, even midnight, so, instead of rushing right over, maybe you could stop for dinner at the Concourse Steakhouse or, maybe Ohana!! Then you could head over to MK.

Perhaps others could offer some insight on this.


Thanks MM. MK is a must as that date is a birthday for DD. I’ll edit that in. Ohana’s is a good idea - I like it.


Commando! Teehee! :whistling :blush:
The plan sounds great!


How did I know that you wouldn’t miss an opportunity to comment on “commando”? :wink:
Hey pumouse!

Oh and Boss Mouse…your plan looks great :tongue:


Hi boss! Your plan looks excellent!

I did want to ask one question: You have a lot of AK in there… is it your favorite park? For our family one visit is usually plenty for a one-week trip. Sometimes we go back for a quick run on Dinosaur or KRR, maybe one last safari…
I ask only because I would add a day at a water park, if possible, for my family. They love the slides so much! Don’t know if your family is a water-sliding kind of group, but you are so lucky to be going in June that a bug Typhoon Lagoon day seems in order!

And your plan seems to have a perfect balance of commando fever and laid-back attitude! Have fun! :tongue:


Hey MD,
I have two 1/2 days for AK in anticipation of the Everest Roller coaster. And I hope to use those parks as non-commando. Saturday is the water park day should the mini-mice choose to go. Personally, the pool side bar will do just fine.


I think your plans look great.
We tend to follow almost the same plan as you do.
It should be a great time!


Thanks Buzz, Always glad to get advice from a fellow over-planner.


I think it looks great. I would try to do Illuminations more than once,(heck, I would do it every night if I could) and are you planning on Fantasmic?


Yes. The dinner on Tuesday is a package. I think DW and I will catch Illuminations on another evening. I would also like to take someones suggestion of viewing MK fireworks from the lounge in the Contemporary.


That sounds like a nice idea. We have never tried this either. It is also nice to watch them from the beach at the Poly.


<sigh> the beach … in 7 days … It just started to snow here… I want to go w/you.


Well, I just don’t think my Dh would understand. :wink:


On 6-14 you’ll spend the evening at AK, I am wondering how long they’ll be open.
I don’t think that it’s commando. It looks very relaxed and easy going to me.


giggle You said commando! giggle :tongue:


It’s listed as an EMH so I’m hoping 9 or 10. Long enough to keep the mini-mice out of my hair… and don;t say ‘commando’ out loud - pumouse is listening.


Heehee! You said it again! :tongue: