My "Quickie" trip report


The players:
DD Kate (who is currently in CP at wdw)

So I arrived at about midnight at POP on a Friday night. Kate had already checked us in because she works there . I called her from the ME bus and asked her to use one of our snack credits to get me a piece of tie-dyed cheesecake(my favorite POP treat). So we got a couple of drinks at the beverage station and talked for awhile before heading to bed. I was really exhausted, but it was so good to see her!
Saturday morning we got up and went to 1900 Park Faire for breakfast. The food was good, but nothing special. The character interaction was just okay but maybe that is because we didn’t have any young kids with us. We saw Alice, the Mad Hatter, Tigger, Pooh, and Mary Poppins. After breakfast we went to Epcot and looked at all the beautiful topiaries they had set up for the flower festival. It really was beautiful. I can’t imagine how many hours and months of planning it takes to create all those displays. We went on soarin’, test track, Journey to the imagination, and the Malestrom ride as well as the Mexico boat ride.
We went back to Pop for a rest/swim break and then that evening we went to DHS. We had dinner at SciFi diner. I had a reuben, a milkshake and cheesecake. Kate had a burger, milkshake and some chocolate cake thing. It was good and was especially nice to sit down out of the hot Florida sun!
After that we went to Walmart to buy Kate some groceries (you know, poor college kid and all that). I was surprised at all the disney shirts/sweatshrits they had there for really reasonable prices. Then she took me to see her apartment and meet a couple of her roomies. Only 2 were home, she has 7. We put her groceries away and then the girls started freaking out because one of those tiny lizards had gotten into the apartment and they were frantically trying to catch it. We left , so I don’t really know if they ever caught it or not.
On Sunday we headed to AK and did Everest, the safari and hit all the shops. We had lunch at Yak n’Yeti which was GREAT! I had steak and tempura shrimp and Kate had honey glazed chicken pieces with rice. Everything was fresh and yummy! For dessert we had cream cheese wontons with pineapple and carmel sauce. After that Kate took me to a speciial shop called “cast connection” which is for cast members and their guest only. We got a few bargins on pins and a sweatshirt for me.Then we went back to Pop and had a l-o-n-g nap. We went to MK and ate burgers at Pecos Bills for dinner (gotta love that topping bar). We went on Splash, TMRR, Buzz, Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, Small world, Jungle cruise. The best part of the evening was the dessert party at fireworks time. We had a wide assortment of desserts and a great view of the fireworks. It was good and fun, but I am not sure I would do it again. It was nice for some good mom and daughter bonding time but it was really too expensive to spring for it for everyone on our next trip. After that MK was open until 1 am so we did more rides and had a good time.
Monday morning Kate had a class so she got up and went to that and I packed up all my stuff and had a muffin in coffee at the food court before heading off to DTD for shopping. Kate met me there after class and we had lunch at Wolfgang Puck express. After that it was back to Pop for me to catch the ME back to the airport. It was a whirlwind of a trip but I feel like we really packed a lot into the short time we had together. The whole family is going down in June so it won’t be much longer before I get to do it all again!


Wow! You did do alot. Nice you don’t have to wait long to go back.


Sounds like a great time. How is Kate liking it?


Thanks for the tr I am sure it was good to see your dd


Sounds like a wonderful time with your DD. I may see her this week. We are checking into POP Tues for a week.


Sounds like a great time! DH and I have considered the Dessert Party at MK, but he feels that it is too pricey for our party of 5. Glad you got to have that special time with your sweet daughter!:happy:


That sounds like a great trip, you got to do lots in a short time


She really is enjoying it. She says it will be hard to go back to school in the fall and go back to the “real world”.


It sounds you and Kate had a really wonderful time!
So were the girls able to get the lizzards out of their apartment?
That would just freak me out.


[QUOTE=PhilliesFan;1031899]It sounds you and Kate had a really wonderful time!
So were the girls able to get the lizzards out of their apartment?
That would just freak me out.[/QUOTE]

I don’t know. When we left they had called some guy friend from next door and he was running around with a bowl in his hand. I would rather see a lizard than one of those nasty palmetto bugs!


Sounds like a great time…lizards and all.


Just caught the TR … Nice read. Are you sure that just wasn’t someone trying to sell you insurance??? Oh wait …that’s Geico
… Did it have a british accent ??? :laugh: