My Rainiest Trip Ever



[B]Me - Brandon [/B] 31 - turned 32 on this trip
[B]Greg - My Partner[/B] 32
[B]Joey - Our good friend and roommate[/B] - 34

[B]Dates - Friday May 15t - Friday May 22nd[/B]

[B]Resort - Saratoga Springs Resort[/B]

When I booked our cruise last December I was told no vacation in 2009. I whined and begged but was told no. So i eventually moved on and accepted that I was not going to go anywhere for a “real” vacation in 2009.

On Valentine’s Day I received a card from Greg and written in the card was a note asking where we were going on vacation this year. Three days later, after comparing WDW and DL we were booked at Saratoga Springs and hoping for our wait list to come through. When i booked we had 83 days to go before our trip. So I made our dining reservations the same day as confirming our resort reservation.

[B]Departure Day - May 15th[/B]
We had an 8AM flight from Dayton, Ohio and we left the house at about 5:45AM and were checked in and through security by 7AM. Our flight left right on time and we arrived in Orlando about 10 minutes early at 10AM.

We headed right for the Magical Express bus and walked up checked in right away and literally were put on the bus right away and we were the last to board so the bus was on its way with Saratoga as the first start. So far so good we were on the ground, on the bus, and to the resort by 11AM.

We had used the online check-in process and we only waited about 5 minutes before we were up to the counter. We showed ID and were given our room keys and were about to be sent on our way and then the cast member noticed the memo on our account that I was celebrating my birthday. So he ran off and got me a birthday button. (Later we realized there was a birthday button already in our checkin packet).

Our room was not ready, no big deal. We checked our carry ons in at the Bell Desk and we were off to Epcot.

Here are a couple of pictures to tease you with… I will post more tomorrow once i am home. We are at the Orlando Airport and will be boarding our flight soon.


Welcome back to reality! I am SO SORRY it rained the whole week. My friend was there from 5/17 and just got back today. I think yesterday was the only day it didn’t rain! And this was their first trip! :crying:

Can’t wait to hear more. Safe home! :happy:


YAY! Get home safe, thank you again for the gifts :heart:, and I CANNOT wait to see/hear about the rest of your trip! I loved getting updates via Facebook! Sorry about all the rain. Hope it was still wonderful!


Have a safe flight, Brandon. I can’t wait for the rest. So sorry you guys were soggy most of the trip. I hope you had a good time despite the weather.


Welcome home brandon. Can’t wait to hear all about it


Nice picture of Saratoga


Get home safe! What a tease this TR snipit was! :laugh: Just when I was getting ready to hunker down and read a good TR you had to fly home!
Can’t wait until you’re back and posting.


I am on airtran and I have wifi available on my iPod but it will take forever to type another installment. So it will have to wait until tomorrow.


Okay, we’re here waiting!!!

Hope you made the best of a rainy trip.


Headed to WDW JUne 5t, Sure hope the rain lets up by then…


Sorry about the rain, I was watching the weather this week, it was crazy down there.


Are ya home? Are ya home?


Hope everything worked out fine with all that rain. I can’t wait to read more.


Yes! Sunny Florida it has NOT BEEN!!!

I have friends visiting the world this week too, and I feel so bad for them. The thunder is still rumbling and the rain just WON’T STOP!! :ohmy:

Love your photos . . . can’t wait to see more! Thanks for the updates on FB too! :happy:


WElcome home Brandon! Your tease pictures are gorgeous!


how can you use wifi on a plane? i have it on my cell and was wondering for my upcoming trip


Hey, if it makes you feel any better, it rained all week here in the South Pacific, too… :pirate:


Currently only AirTran offers WiFi on their flights. It costs $8-$13 to use it on the flight.


Oh…got ya! That’s great to know they offer a service like that.


Day 1 Continued…

We arrived at Epcot and we were all starving so we headed off to the Electric Umbrella. I know a lot of people hate this place but we enjoy it. Although we do hate the lines.

Greg and Joey got in line to order and i went to search for a place to eat. Lucky for me as I was searching they opened the top level up so i was able to find a table up there pretty quickly. So i got a table near the window so i could people watch.

While sitting there waiting for food, it took like 30 minutes for Joey and Greg to come up. And i was pretty annoyed. There were SO many school groups and they were so unsupervised. They were throwing food and screaming and just getting on my nerves. I felt so sorry for the cast member who was up there and had to clean up after all of these kids.

After eating our lunch we headed over towards Nemo and rode that. We didn’t have too much planned out and didn’t think we would be able to do a whole lot do to all of the kids that were there. So we rode Nemo after about a 10 minute wait. And most of that wait was walking the the queue. And then we went and waited to watch Turtle Talk. I love Turtle Talk, they interact with the little kids so well.

After Nemo we went to see if the wait on Soarin’ and it was about a 70 minute wait and fast passes were gone so we did the Living with the Land and then headed on to Imagination with Figment. Another walk on. Must me to boring for the school kids.

We then decided to walk around and see some of the topiary’s for the Flower and Garden Festival. And we went left around World Showcase.

We just leisurely strolled through World Showcase looking around at the shops and restaurant menu’s for future trips.

About 3:30 or 4PM we got a phone call from the resort with our room number. Which was 5536. I didn’t have any clue where it was so when i looked on the SSR map i was disappointed. I wanted the Springs or Congress Park so that we would be close to DTD or the Carriage House. We were placed in Paddock. I was so upset. I really thought this would be a bad location. But as we later found out it was a great location. Not too far from the Carriage House, really not a far walk from Downtown Disney. And we were very close to a quiet pool. So in the future i will request Paddock, Congress Park or the Springs.

At 6PM we had reservations at Tepan Edo in Japan. My review of it was that it was alright. If you have ever had Benni Hana or another Teppanyaki style restaurant you may be a little disappointed in it.

I love going to Benni Hana and Soho (another teppanyaki restaurant that we have locally). And one of my favorite things about going there is the fried rice. Here at Tepan Edo we didn’t fried rice. We got plain rice. And they made some noodles for you on the grill. It was ok, but i was hoping for the fried rice.

Now our chef was pretty funny and entertaining and my steak and chicken tasted delicious. I was very happy with us trying this restaurant out. With there being so many other restaurant to eat at we probably won’t go here again anytime soon.

After dinner we did some more shopping and then headed back to the resort. We got back to the resort and found our luggage had been delivered and we called and had our grocery delivery brought to us as well.

It ended up being an early evening for us but it had been a long day and we knew we had an early morning the next morning with breakfast and my BIRTHDAY!

coming up some pictures from day 1…