My review of Shaggy Dog


OK OK I must admit I was shocked at how much better it was then I thought it was going to be. It had a great plot line and it was good for everyone of all ages. There were a few cheesy parts thought. The ending was cute but it really didn’t interest me. The changes were very nice and the emotion to me was great. So I give it a 9.4 out of 10 ^_^.

And like everyone else said Tim Allen was the only actor who could pull this movie off. The previews didn’t show that but the movie really did.


Great to hear.
I am big fan of Tim Allen.
Can’t wait to see this movie!


We are going to see it this weekend! Yay, I’m glad it was good. I loved the original!


We saw it 2 weeks ago? (right when it came out). Anyway, we thought it was a cute movie and it kept my boys laughing! :heart:


My DS really wants to see this - thanks for the great review! :heart:


I loved the movie. So did the grandkids