My Room Request Fax


What do y’all think??

I’m supposed to fax 4 days in advance (in the evening) according to allears.

Well, this is my document, and I’m about to go fax.

Is this good?? I really want them to honor our request, but I don’t want to soubd bossy!


I think it sounds like a nice letter. I hope you get it!


I think it’s perfect. Did you have these requests on your original reservation? WDW doesn’t really take fax requests anymore, but your letter won’t be ignored I’m sure. Make sure you give them a call and ask them to note it on your reservation and then request it again when you check in.


bossy!!! no, no, no… not bossy at all.

ROFL actually :laugh: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASSSEEEEEE… lol. i’m sure they’ll do everything in their power to get you that section of the resort, otherwise they’ll be haunted w/ a guilty conscience :fork_off:. i mean, how can they possibly refuse that plea :angel: :angel: :angel: ? you have nothing to worry about!


haha i loved that you begged!
I dont think it’s a real hoppin time at WDW so I am sure they’ll do whatever they can to fulfill erins needs!


Looks great and you know you’re a great writer. I hope you get the room you want.


I think they’re going to take one look at your fake address and phone number and throw it away as a prank.

Really, if you’re going to book a vacation, Erin, you ought to give them a way to get in touch with you.



:laugh: You’re always one step ahead of me, Cavey!


good luck with it - let us know what happens…



I didn’t realize they stopped doing room requests by fax. I thought they had a room assigner at all the resorts?

It IS noted on my ressie that I want a bottom room in 70s near Goofy. That was all there was room for.

LOL@me, begging. I REALLY want a bottom floor room by that Goofy area! LOL!


Oh, y’all will hear all about it, either way!


I read that awhile back that they aren’t taking requests via fax, but do try to honor the ones that are noted on your reservation. Send the fax anyway. Can’t hurt at all…I may be wrong or totally insane…it happens.:wacko:


Sounds perfect to me, not bossy at all! Please please please let us know if it is honored, I was thinking of sending a fax and/or making a phone call for our trip request in December.


That’s a cute note…it’s sure to get SOMEONE’S attention!!

Good Luck!


I’ll find out the day after tomorrow!


No Dana, your not wrong or insane. I was told that when I called to change the number of people that would be in our room. He said they dropped that option some time ago, but Erin, I’d still send it. Magic does happen.


Well, it was sent - so, we’ll see! We tried to get a room for tomorrow night, and their are NO available rooms! :sad:


No room at the Inn, then? :laugh:


did you have an AP code or are they just at capacity??!??!
There must be a MNSHHP tomorrow…right??


I think your letter is perfect, Erin. I can’t wait to see what room you get, I think the please, please, please will do it.