My several recent trips


I have been going to WDW since I was not than a yr old, which goes back to 1980. SO I remember most changes, and how the parks have always changed.

But then you notice things, small things, like detail.
Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoyed and still do.

I don’t know if anyone else agrees, about Spaceship earth and its newly redesigned. Which is understandable to redo it after years, which is fine.
But to take away from it?
Surely one can understand. After you see the Earth in the planetarium part, there are nothing but lights hanging down, no more detail. They give you a computer to play along with which is fine and all, but I really sensed a lack of creativity. If they didnt want to add more, they should of left the displays that were there before. But everyone has mixed feeling about that.
My major problem was the political correctness in the Ren. Era (art)
Understable to some to take away the sculpute who was partially nude, but thats how it was back then, and still wa san art form not covered up.
Then look at the Sistine Chapel painting, they covered up the man’s chest? with a white shirt.
My question is why? Are we at an age when we cant be mature about the way the Renaissance was, everything was done on that scale.
Its not a point of censorship. But if they want to show how things used to be, to it correctly, not worried about political correctness.

I mean I remember when the pirates used to chase the women in POTC not the other way around. It’s called politcal correctness, but why?
I loved the movie, because they brought back the idea in the movie, when the men chased the women.
Honestly, thinking historically and all, and things that you have seen: when have you ever seen pirates being chase by women, let alone men. The men were scared, but the women were not?

Was this to appease everyone? Someone’s gonna have a different opinion, it doesnt matter what it is. So why change it?

All in all, I loved the parks. I still do. I grew up on Disney, (parks, original Disney channel with no commercials and so forth)

anyone can write back, I wanted to see if anyone agreed or if most of you disagreed.


It does seem like they could have done a bit more at the end of SSE, but the other changes, I don’t remember seeing any difference. Not saying they weren’t changed, I just don’t remember. Same with POC, I’d need to see a before and after. But anyway, welcome to mousebuzz.


It doesn’t really bother me that they made changes. The only ride that I really miss is
Eastern Airlines If you had Wings. I love this ride and I miss it.


I personally don’t think it was to “appease everyone” because I honestly believe it would be such a small minority of people complaining about those fine details you pointed out. I don’t think there were huge hordes of guests filing complaints about seeing a Renaissance-aged man’s chest or suggestively ‘nude’ sculpture in Spaceship Earth. I don’t have the answer to why they made changes but maybe we are overthinking it?

I mean don’t ‘bare-chested’ male animatronics still appear in PotC, Jungle Cruise, and in the “Caveman” section of Spaceship Earth? So, perhaps Mr. “Painting on the Ceiling” dude was just getting cold drafts from hanging on the rafters for so many years, thus the addition of a “white shirt” that you spoke of.

American humor changes over the years, “sight gags” come and go with what Main St. America finds laughable. I don’t think of the PotC “chasing scene” as politically correct, I mean if it were REALLY meant to be politically correct NOBODY would be chasing anyone with brooms, right? I think perhaps in current times it’s a more laughable moment for guests to see the women chasing men, instead of years ago when it was vice versa.

Just my thoughts.


I loved PoC when the men chased the women!


I agree I do miss this part.


Talk about missing things…my family really misses the Skyway to Tomorrowland. Yes, we had to wait in a long line, but we were willing to wait. (I think some safety concerns also contributed to this ride’s demise.) I do like some of the changes to existing attractions and I have learned to love some of the new additions, but there are some oldies that I REALLY miss!