My son said the cutest thing


When we were enjoying our one day trip to the MK last Friday, my DS (8) said the cutest thing…here’s how the conversation went.

DS: Mom, I told dad that you need to keep bringing us to Disney World every year cause it’s a lot of fun.

Me: It is fun here isn’t it.

DS: We really should keep this up, then when I have kids we can all come together.

I couldn’t help giving him a big hug and kiss.:wub:


Aw, that is so cute!


Oh thats so sweet- looks like you have a lot of Disney World trips to come!


ahhhh that would of made my heart melt!:wub: Too cute!

Not to steal your thunder, but a couple of days ago my dd was smelling(I mean REALLY smelling) a stuffed animal that she had got on our last trip to WDW and I asked her whart she was doing and she said trying to see if it still smelt like Disney!:laugh::happy: Children say the best things!:wub:


that was so cute. I was just thinking when my kids have kids im going to be the best mommom ever because im taking them every year.


He is a commercial for DVC… Good luck not going back. I am glad that he had that much fun. That is what makes it so great.


We’re hoping to go again in February 2010, but I’ve also been pricing this August. I think February will be more feasible for us.


What a sweetheart! How much do you want for him? :ph34r: :laugh: jk!!! (btw, I’m going in February 2010!)