My southwest flight price in dec went down


Just giving you a head ups…I booked our flights for Dec a few weeks ago when they first were posted. We wanted to make sure we had the 4 pm non-stop flight. I’ve been checking the fares everyday, today they went down. We now have a $54 credit. Whoo hoo.


Good for you! I have given up on SW, but I am glad somebody is still getting good deals with them.


How does it work to get the credit? Someone told me you rebook your flight. My worries is if I rebook, those seats at that price would go away in the time I finished the process. Or, do you keep your other flight until the rebooking is done?


I went to “change your flight”…it used to be you have to have two windows opens, to cancel on one and then to quickly rebook on the other. I also would be soooo worried. It seems to be seamless now. Maybe I’m too computer dumb to not know I should still be worried.:confused:


That is great… keep checking you might be able to get another credit.


Well done Joanne! I love that you can do that with SW.


Awesome … I’ll have to check on our Sept. flight for any lower fares…


The flight I was watching dropped $36 per ticket today so I booked. That was a total savings of $144. :heart:that! I will keep watching to see if it drops anymore. :smile:


:nonono2:Y’all got me excited…so I checked mine…but since the trip is less than a month away…tickets went up about $250 per ticket…so no savings for me:nonono2:


Airtran has given us a credit in the past too.Keep checking and maybe ticket prices will go down again,so you can get another credit.


the beauty of SWA…no one comes close…now that they have taken over air tran more routes will be available and here’s hoping some red eyes also


I check a few times a day. But this morning, I checked and the prices jumped like crazy. One flight went from 115 to 187. The other went from 143 (what we paid three weeks ago) to 115, is now 215. :eek::eek:


I just checked my return flight again and it too jumped dramatically this morning. Had been $230 for a 6 weeks or so then dropped a few days ago $194 and I purchased it. Today it is $275:eek: Glad I purchased when I did.


whoo hoo,Today I checked for the millionth time and my flights went down AGAIN. The flight down was lowered by 4 bucks, but the flight home went down by $26. So from the time we booked to this lastest rebooking, we now have $114 in Southwest credit. We’ll be using the credit toward our May trip.


That’s awesome, extra $$ to use later


Yup, and since we have DVC which means a “free” room (not really, but no bill at THAT moment), our APs from the Dec trip, if we pack PB sandwiches for a week, we’ll have a really cheap May trip.


hey good savings Miss J!! (not sure about the PB sandwiches- you could go wild and splash out a little bit:laugh:)


Add a bag of chips? Is that wild enough?

Right now we are at SSR, but I’m hoping to stay some at BCV and some at AKV. If those come thru, Boma and Cape May will be on the list. We just love being able to walk 5 min and be “home” from a meal.


Our fare went down AGAIN. The flight going down is now at 82 bucks. So at this point we have 172 dollars in credit on southwest.


I just checked SW for our January trip and it went down $45 each way!