My Stay At Coronado Springs!


I recently joined this forum and I am SUPER excited to become a part of this community. I LOVE Disney and my boyfriend is beyond sick of hearing about my upcoming plans! I have probably done over 100 hours of Disney related study, so if anyone needs any kind of help, please don’t hesitate to ask. I don’t know everything…but I sure do know more than your average person! So anyway, on to the purpose of this post.

I stayed 8 days, 7 nights at Coronado Springs in late August of 2008. First off, just let me say…I thought I would be in the clear with crowds in the last week of August, but I was VERY wrong. Kids galore! I was confused because in my state ALL schools start back up in mid-August.

Moving on…haha. Coronado Springs is a BEAUTIFUL resort! Me and my boyfriend stayed towards the back of the resort, about 1 minute walking distance from the pool. It was SO serene! Beautiful plants and palms everywhere, a gorgeous lake view with reflecting lights…I loved it. I truly felt like we were on a beach in Mexico! However, the walk to the main building was not the best. If you’re going to stay there and you’re not a fan of long walks (5-8 minutes)…I suggest studying the resort map and asking for a certain building.

The main building at the Coronado is breathtaking. The check-in area and the gift shop…everything is just gorgeous. Also, this resort at night is SOOOO romantic.

The food was NOT the best. We got room service meals twice and I wasn’t impressed. I’m staying at Grand Floridian this fall, and hoping for better room service there! We also purchased some quick lunches from the small connivence-like shop…also, not impressed. I did get an amazing fruit tart for breakfast one morning though! :slight_smile:

Our room was very clean and nice! I really don’t have too much to say about it. The AC was always freezing, which was SO refreshing coming in from a long day at the parks! Also, the beds were insanely comfortable.

One bad thing about this resort is it’s location. It takes a good 30 minutes to ride the bus to Downtown Disney. It really didn’t feel like it was close to any of the parks. We were always on the bus for at least 15-25 minutes.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this resort…but I’m not sure I would go back. I’m looking to move up to the “Deluxe” zone! Haha, I will report back in October!


that’s where i am staying in May. Im super excited.


The kids would mainly come from Canada. I know that we are looking at going the last week of August…well this is my dream anyways. The last time I went at this part of the summer I was amazed at how short the lines were. We had gone other times in the summer to find 1hr wait times for rides that were just 15-30 during the end of August. I know some of the rides we could just walk onto.


Lasallemom, wow really? We went August 23-30 and there were fairly large crowds and tons of kids. We had to wait about 1.5 hours to get on the main rides (with no fast pass). But I hope it’s better for you! You should really consider waiting a few weeks. Try early September! :slight_smile: