My stay at CSR


the first week of June we spent a few days at CSR. It was totally awesome. We were in Caista 8A and were just a few steps from the bus stop and the pool. My DGD loved the pool and the jaguar slide. The room was great and mousekeeping had the cutest towel figures in the windows of all the rooms. Some had cactus, ducks, mickey’s, they showed great imagination. I had a burrito at the Pepper Mart that was delicious and huge. The surroundings are breathtaking and I was a happy camper the whole time!!:wub:


Awesome! Yours is one of many positive reviews I have read about that resort. It makes me want to try that resort out. I am starting the sketch plans for a trip in August of 07…maybe I’ll try it then.:heart:


Leslie, I’am so glad for you that you had a great time!!! We love CSR also but have been staying at POFQ for a change. We are thinking of going back to CSR again. Have a Magical day!!! Joe


I’m glad you enjoyed it! IT’s my favorite moderate!!


Joseph, we have stayed at POFQ too but I like CSR better. The pool area is so awesome, especiall with the huge hot tub. Dana, you should try it but ask for Casitas 8A, close to everything and with a relaxing hammock out front! Erin, I have stayed there twice and it is my favoirte too. The baby in your pic is absolutely precious!!


That’s right! You have the CSR Rocks!! In your signature! :heart: I remember that, because it seemed like for a while, only a handful of people liked CSR!


That baby is me! LOL! It’s “Your baby picture” avatar theme week…My babies are much cuter! :wub:


Leslie I am so glad you enjoyed it oh and guess what i am thinking of going to Supersoap weekend this year since I have APs now woohoo ( and only an hour away )


Well your babies must take after their mom!


Oh wow, we can meet up!! It is such a fun time. I had my pic made with Lucky on GH and John on OLTL! Just seeing all the stars was a real experience. They look better in person than they do on TV!! I sure hope you come.:heart:


Sounds like you had a great time!

We stayed at CSR last time and really enjoyed it.


Didn’t see this thread at first, thanks for sharing!!