My surprise trip, staying in a family suite


First let me just say that my DH is a wonderful man.:heart: :heart: :heart:

For the past several days we have been doing some traveling for DH’s business. We are currently in Miami where we have spent 3 days.

DH surprised me this morning and told me that when we check out of here in the a.m. (1/9) we are heading to ASMu where he has not only reserved a room, but a family suite!! We got a good rate with a FL resident discount.

I am so happy! We were planning another day trip some time this month, but this just beats all. 2 nights in a family suite at ASMu.

I promise to take lots of pics and post the whole thing right here this weekend.

I am a happy camper for sure.


Oh, you lucky girl! I’m terribly envious. Enjoy!


Thank you, I will. I promise to take lots of pics.


What an awesome husband you have!!! Congrats!!!


Thank you. I agree, he is awesome.


I am jealous. Congratulations!!!


Thank you so much.


Ohhhh How awesome!

I can’t wait to hear about it!


Lisa :mickey:


Your DH gets big points for that one!!! Have an awesome time!


How sweet! I can’t wait to hear ALL about it!


Oh that is so wonderful! I can’t wait to hear about the suite!!


Wow! What a great surprise!!!


I returned yesterday. We had a wonderful time and managed to fit in 3 parks in a day and a 1/2. I haven’t uploaded my pics yet. So as soon as I do and resize them I will get on with it. The suite was very nice. The weather was hot, the crowds were very low, and the wait times were almost non-existent. The longest wait we saw was for Soarin’.

A few cons this trip, but mostly pros. One thing we have decided though is if we choose to stay at a value again, it will only be Pop. We had bus issues and a family we lovingly dubbed “The Flushers” above us.

I’ll go into more details later. First I have to catch up on some laundry and do some shopping.

I’ll be back later.


Oh, as the mom of 4 I cannot wait to read your review of the suite :slight_smile:

Your hubby’s awesome for planning such a great surprise :mickey:


can’t wait to hear about the suite.


Your DH is a keeper!!!


If you had stayed in the room, you would have heard about them plenty :happy: .


What a nice surprise! Can’t wait to hear about it.


Let’s get this thing started.

It was the usual crew Me, DH, and the kids. We left Miami a little later than planned. We check out of our Miami hotel around 10:00. We had our dog with us for this trip, so we found a facility in Kissimmee to board her, so we had to do that first. It was near the Medieval Times place if you’ve ever been there.

Anyway, after taking care of that we were arriving in WDW shortly (around 3:30). DH checked us in quickly and we were on our way to the Calypso building and our family suite.

The suite was great. It was quite spacious and had plenty of room for everyone. You can comfortably sleep 6. Possibly even 8 if some of the kids are babies. It was clean and everything you would expect from Disney.

First I will post my pics, then I will post a link to some pics I found on another Disney board. They are similar, but you should get a good feel for the suite.


Suite pics.