My Surprise!


Brenda asked me yesterday if I would like to go to WDW for my birthday. What kind of a question is that? YES - YES! We booked our airline last night and I booked SSR this morning. We will be leaving on May 4th and returning on May 9th!

I am so excited! This is the plan…

Thursday May 4th - Arrive at SSR at 1:30. Spend the rest of the day relaxing at our new home and checking out all the things there. This will be our first stay there. Dinner at Ohana’s at 8:00pm.

Friday May 5th - AK in the morning and early lunch at the Tusker House. EPCOT in the afternoon and dinner at the Rose & Crown at 5:00pm. Then maybe a snack that evening at the Tangerine Café.

Saturday May 6th - Lazy morning and then to MGM. Mama Melrose’s at 4:30 and the Fantasmic dinner package.

Sunday May 7th - Magic Kingdom and counter service meals.

Monday May 8th - My Birthday, Breakfast at Ohana’s at 7:40 then back to the Magic Kingdom and dinner at Tony’s at 6:55.

Tuesday May 9th - Lazy morning at SSR and then home. Gotta go back to work.


Most of the reservations were the last ones available. I REALLY wanted to go the Chef Mickeys for my birthday but they had nothing all day so I had to pick Ohana’s as I want to see Mickey.

I am so excited - we are leaving soon!

I better start packing! Lol

:mickey: :smile: :happy: :wub: :laugh: :mickey: :smile: :happy: :wub: :laugh: :mickey:


Congratulations, your plans look great. Only 20 days to wait, it’s going to go by so fast!


YAy!!! I hope we will run into you and Brenda - we will be at SSR between May 8th and May 14th! Happy Birthday! Brenda is THE BEST!!! :wub:


Excellent! I’m so happy for you palmickey! What a birthday present!! Have a great time!! :mickey: :mickey:


Guess we will pass each other in MK on Monday! :wink:


What a great birthday surprise! I am very excited for you. ( And just a pinch jealous, too. :wink:


YAY! That’s SO awesome!!!

Happy Early Birthday!!! :mickey:



What a cool birthday present! Lucky you!


That’s great! Any trip to WDW is a godd but but a birthday trip is the best!


It’s nice to start a countdown at only 20-something days!


That’s great Pal! Have a fabulous time!!!


What are PERFECT way to spend a bithday!! You’ll hav a BLAST! Are you using your points for SSR? Isn’t grand being DVC members :wink:

I am so excited for you both! Have fun! Sometimes i think some of the best Disney trips are those spontaneous ones with little planning!


Thanks everyone! My birthday with Brenda and Mickey - life doesn’t get any better than this!

That October trip still seemed so far away and now I have to find something to pack NOW! YEAH! :happy:

YES BRENDA IS THE BEST! I am very lucky! :wub:

That would be great! :smile:

Yes it is! It also looks like we may be arriving on the same day! :smile:

Wish, Yes we are using our DVC points AND our new AP! Being a DVC member is grand! All we had to do was take a few days off of work and get an airline ticket! Oh and pay for food but I can handle that! We only have enough points for two trips a year but we have the extra points that they gave us when we signed up so we figured we might as well use them - right? MICKEY - here I come!



Brenda gets the Goddess of the Year award!!! I am so happy for you–it’s gonna be a blast!


Thanks Doughnut! I will think of you and Honeybear as we go down Splash Mountain! :mickey:


Have a blast - I know you will! And while I’ve got you - clue me in on SSR. It looks very interesting. Is it worth the rates? Are you in DVC?


Yes we have a DVC. This will be the first time we have stayed there but we have walked around and saw all of the rooms. It is beautiful! We are so excited! There is so much to see and do just at SSR! I will be sure to take lots of pictures and I will let you know everything in my TR when we get home! :mickey:


Yay! You guys are going to have so much fun! I’ve never been to WDW on my birthday - I’m so jealous!:mickey:


What a great birthday gift!!! Your plans look great too!! :happy:


Wow, what a great surprise to spend your birthday in your new home (away from home)
Happy Birthday Renee.