My Trip Budget. Not sure if it matters


But, I find everyone elses very interesting…so here is ours.

It was SOOOO cheap for us. We rock.

MYW Package with FREE dining at POP for 4 nights 622

Gas to get to and from WDW 35

Donalds Breakfastsaurus OOP 60 plus tip

MNSSHP 170? Not sure.

Breakfast for Matt OOP for the week 15

Souvenir money for kids 120

Arcade money promised to kids for jobs well done 40

Total 1062

The only thing I don’t have is the MNSSHP tickets. I’ll be getting those the 15th.

That’s 5 days, every little thing included. :happy:


That is a great deal especially the gas!! It will cost us at least $400.00 for gas:crying:


Wow. That is great. It costs us alot more than that. Of course, we can’t go during the free dining since the kids and I are in school. Our only options are summer, spring break, and Christmas time. The one thing I miss about teaching and having the kids go to private schooll is the flexibility to take the kids out of school for a vacation. The public schools here will not excuse my absence or the kids.


and, THAT is a bummer, Pooh. I know how you feel…I worked as a secretary in the school system for years - and my ONLY saving grace was that I was full time, and had the sick/vacation days (30 a year!)

But, even though you have them, it doesn’t always mean you can TAKE them. :c)

I’m a homeschooler, now, and I know how lucky we are.


If its any consolation, gas is a lot less, easily 35 cents less, the minute you get out of Illinois. It was a nice surprise when we drove a couple of weeks ago.


Sounds like an awesome budget to me! You were really able to work things out nicely :smile: It might just be too early in the morning for me but what does OOP stand for? hehe.


You rock Erin.

Man one saves a lot of $$$$ when they need not purchase airfare.


I think it means “Out of pocket” Wishy! :happy:


It does mean Out of Pocket.

I FORGOT TO MENTION THE COOLEST PART…it’s like this is the TRIP that keeps on GIVING, because…

we had to purchase a one day base ticket for each of us to get the free dining…

well, I can use those tickets off the purchase of our APs in February!!!

So…I get a renewal discount AND 63 dollars off the price…which makes me SPs for next year about 130-140 dollars EACH! :happy: :ninja:


Showoff. :glare: :tongue:


Oh, Erin, that sounds so great! I know you are going to have a wonderful time… AGAIN!!!


Erin that all sounds supah!:happy: You could write a book “WDW the Erin Way”:flowers:


Wow Erin, that’s workin’ it girl! You have a super plan! Can’t wait to hear the TR!


Erin if you go to the party on the 15th maybe we can meet. That’s the day I am going!


There’s a party on the 15th? I wasn’t invited! :sad:


Making The DewMan jealous - Priceless…

You lucky duck…


Sounds great to me!

You forgot to add…

Post Card for Alicefanny…$2.00

:laugh: :heart:


You’re RIGHT! THat’s definitely PRICELESS! :wub:


That was a secret! :wub:


Great budget, girl!!! My trip in December is going to be reasonably priced, too. It feels good, don’t it?

P.S. Gas seems SO CHEAP there…or you have a fuel efficient car! AWESOME!!!