My Trip Report 05/19/05 to 05/28/05?


I was just curious if anyone was interested in hearing about my last trip to Orlando since it has been a year now! I just haven’t been doing the computer thing…but I am not going this year, and am very sad…so I hope someone will want to hear about it! :slight_smile:


Of course we would! We’re trip report junkies! You can post it in the “Trip Report” forum.


Trip Report… Trip Report… YES I want to hear about it…
I hope I remember to do one when I get back…


I would love to hear all about your trip. Please post it in the trip report forum in one thread. I can’t wait to hear about your stay.


Trip report? Did someone say trip report??? Where is it?

Trip reports help me count the days to my next trip!


im sorry…i am having some trouble locating the TR part of the forum! :frowning: i keep seeing posts from last year.


Yes I would love to hear about your trip.


IM Dumb.
Where is the trip Report Section ?


Go to the main “Forums” page and scroll down to “Mousecellaneous”. You’ll find it in that section under “Trip Reports”.