My trip report - filled with reviews


Well you all know I can’t manage day by day and moment by moment trip reports, so I’m just doing highlights. I have some pictures (not food) but they will have to wait a few days till my DD can post them.


Boma dinner. We had a ressie for 5 pm. Check in and was buzzed about 15 min later. Had a very nice server. Boma was already busy at that time. There was a line of maybe 20 people waiting to get the meats and then it sort of spread out for the rest of the pods. You couldn’t really just walk and get this and that. It was get this, wait, get that, wait, so on and so forth. My DH really liked the foods. I thought it was OK. I didn’t go away hungry, just not “I really love this place” feeling. Of course that’s what I thought last time too. I’m just not a very boma type person. Would go again for my DH’s sake. And for the tiny 2 bite cheese cakes…forget zebra domes, I want those cheese cakes.

Boma breakfast. I ate mostly normal foods. Tons of bacon, eggs, ham omlet, things like that. I really enjoyed it. We tried the jungle juice, didn’t care for it. It was ok, not just yummy yummy. Our server was very, very nice. After the meal, he thanked us for coming and shook our hands. Nice touch.

Boma breakfast day 2. Yes we ate there twice. Same as yesterday. DH ate the more exotic stuff, I ate the normal stuff. Amin (our server from yesterday) stopped by our table, noted we were back again, asked us if we wanted jungle juice, stopped by again to check on us and I asked him if he could get us more coffee. Oh by the way, he wasn’t our server. Another person (Brenda I think) was our server. She did a really weird thing that really annoyed us. First of all she brought us a small pot of coffee, maybe 2 1/2 cups in it. Way not enough. Wouldn’t have thought too much of it, but I saw other 2 people tables with larger pots. Then as I had a full plate of food with a bowl of fruit nearby, she drops off the check. Umm does it look like we are ready to leave. My DH and I just stared at each other and set it aside. I spoke to a manager cause it just left a bad taste, like she was saying “move it along”. The manager seems to understand, but she said it might be because they have a lot of walkouts. Excuse me, I was was intended to skip out paying a bill, would leaving the check on the table change my mind? So anyway, we just kept eating. Afterward, I looked for Amin to thank him for checking on us, it was then I realized his area was waayyy on the other side of the room. I thanked him and gave him a small tip, he tried to decline it but I told him “good workers deserve something extra”.

Crystal Palace dinner…Ate lots of stuff. Didn’t eat any chicken because I knew we were going to have yummy yummy chicken at WCC. Dumb move, more on that later. They didn’t have the flavored butter anymore, just little wrapped pats. So sad, we really liked that butter. I did have strawberry cheese cake. The brownie cake thing was sort of dry, but the pulled pork, potatoes, salad stuff, prime rib, kids stuff,and other things were very good. I was soooooo stuff, I was in pain. I was still stuffed 8 hrs later.

Trails end dinner…First time here. We took the boat over, but once we got there we had no idea where to go. So we followed the crowd. We loved it. The chili was so good. My DH thought the meat, steak, what ever it was a bit chewy. But we thought it was a good deal for the money. We do plan to go again.

WCC dinner…Not great. We sat in the side room which was good for us. We really didn’t care about the “show” and the room was sooooo noisey. But again our server was lacking. We both ordered the skillet. We got the salad, was a bit too vinager tasting for me. The corn bread was good. Out comes the skillet, chicken (dry), ribs (ok), beans (ok, but same as before), corn (good), mashed potatoes (good), shrimp (DH ate them, so I guess they were ok). Umm doesn’t the skillet come with cole slaw? So I asked. Yes it does…wait about 5 min and our server brings out this little tiny cup of cole slaw. It was not big enough to share. So again, we are still eating the first skillet and our server drops off the dessert menu. Is someone trying to tell us something??? Some one come to bus the table and asked if we are done, we tell him we are waiting for more food. Ok, the server comes back and ask if we are ready for dessert, we tell her we wanted more food. So we got more chicken, corn, and ribs. My second piece of chicken was better but not great. My DH thought the ribs were like leather. Soooooo WCC had dropped way down the list.

Ohana dinner…loved it, loved it, loved it. We sat by a window along the back wall. Close enough to see the show but far enough not to be bumped by kids or parents moving back and forth thru the tables. So as we are seated, the “host” brings a loaf of sweet bread. Wish we had butter, but frosting would have worked too. It reminded me of some kind of christmas bread but it needed icing. So we are sitting for a few min. and then the salad shows up. We eat about 2/3 of the salad but didn’t want to fill up on bread and salad and then we waited and waited. Not a bad wait but last time within 5 min we had everything on the table. I told my DH maybe this is their ploy, let the guests sit and fill up on soda, bread and salad and then they won’t eat all that shrimp and steak. So then the chicken (good as ever), noodles (ok, tasted a little starchy), veggies (mostly broccoli and a few pea pods, DH ate them) and …ta da…the pot stickers…I loved them. I ate a whole plate myself. They were slightly crunchy, but not so they fell apart. I could have eaten a few more wings but didn’t want to get a whole plate just for 2 or three. I had the pork and steak. Both good. DH liked the turkey better than the pork and had steak and about 6 or 7 shrimp. He said the shrimp was peppery. And of course the bread pudding. I could have eaten more dessert, but then I remembered how I felt after CP. We really enjoyed the meal.

Mexico dinner…Checked in and waited maybe 10 min. Was seated at a 4 top, so we had plenty of room. We ordered nachos to share and we both wanted the combination meal. So we ate some of the chips and salas and it seemed like a long time for our food. Our server shows up with our entrees. We asked about the nachos. She forgot about them. She offered to get them now, but we declined. A few min later she brings a plate of nachos and says she wanted us to be able to taste them, but we weren’t being charged for them. We think maybe it wasn’t a full serving but DH tipped her a little extra because he was afraid maybe she would have to pay for it. We thought the steak was great, not sure what the other foods were but it was all good. Will do this again.

That’s it for TS.


:huh: Ok, I feel cheated. I know more happened. What did you ride? Did you enjoy the parks? Where did you stay? What do you think you could have done to add to the fun?


Not so boring to me… a good food review for sure! Glad you like Trails End. We like it too. Sounds to me like the servers are a tad to quick to get the check settled, and you out the door. I am glad you took your time. For the price of a Disney meal, you deserve all the time you need to enjoy it. Also glad to hear a positive review of Ohana. Seems like quite a few folks have not been so happy with their meals as of late. Where as I ADORE Wilderness Lodge, we have not had such great luck with WC food. Always seems dry to us.


A TR about WDW is never boring :laugh: . Would you be able to post some pictures?


Thanks for the food report - makes me hungry!


The trip wasn’t boring, just my writing. After reading some TRs, you think “why don’t they start writing novels?”, after my TR, you think “well, she tried, let’s give her a C+”.

There is more, but to write the food part took me over 2 hrs. to write. I figure I’ll do a part or two each day. Pictures will have to wait until sunday night. I have no idea how to post pictures and I’m waiting until I get to my DD’s house.


CS meals

Because we ate so many buffets, we only shared a few CS.

CHH - we shared the chicken/fish meal. I also got cole slaw. I got one (my DH didn’t want any) three bites later, I lost MY cole slaw. Good thing they weren’t busy, I could jump into a line and got another cole slaw. Much better than WCC and twice the size. So anyway, we liked the chicken and fish. The fries are the thicker kind. Good meal.

Electric Umbrella - we shared the cheeseburger/ fries. Was good, hit the spot to tide us over till dinner.

America pavilion place - same as electric umbrella.

I knew we ate a few more places, but have to look for the reciepts.


Jo-Jo nothing from you could ever be boring- I love it and want more please!


Re: cole slaw

Now, this is important! :laugh: What KIND of coleslaw is it? Is it the kind that tastes sweet/vinegary, or the kind that tastes more like cream (with less bite)?

I take cole slaw seriously. :happy:


I like reviews of things…

There is no trip report format. I am changing your thread title. To “my trip report”…there is nothing boring about this and the title is turning people away from a great review format trip report.


There…now it’s titled “My trip report - filled with reviews”. Don’t sell yourself so short jo-jo…your report is perfect as is.:heart:


heehee, I am happy you did that :happy:


I LOVE YOUR TR! Talking about food makes me happy so it was fun reading your review. I hope I have a better experience at WCC!

Can’t wait to hear more.



I agree! This is important. What about dry - was it dry as that is a big problem for me. I like cole slaw sweet and with lots of sauce. Yum!

I am glad you ate and and reviewed CHH - I really like that place.


Sad to hear you weren’t too pleased with WCC. We have ADR’s there in June. It will be our first time eating there.

Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip and see some photos.


Hey!! Don’t sell yourself short!! I love your review TRS!!!


Great reviews!

I’m sorry WCC fell short this time, I’m sure you’ll give it another short but I understand not being in a hurry to go back. However, I’m happy to hear 'Ohana was as great as always. We’re going there next month and it’s always been a family favorite.


Then I think you will like the cole slaw at CHH and it’s only 99 cents. We had some onion rings (great) and cole slaw (about the same as CHH) at flame tree, but the cole slaw was 1.69 but a lot smaller serving size. My one complaint about Flame tree is that it takes forever to order. Not just this trip, it seems everytime we eat there, the lines move so slow.

A few more CS

Pizzafari… We had a pepperoni pizza and a ceaser salad. Tasted good to us. Maybe it was the extra cheese and red pepper flakes we put on.

Mara…We had a pepperoni pizza at Mara at AKL. Didn’t realize it was on a crispy crust, like a cracker almost. Wasn’t bad, but I like a regular crust better. After I ordered, I saw a regular 16 inch pizza behind the counter, but didn’t see it on the menu. Afterward I asked about it. It’s mostly for roomservice, but it can be ordered at Mara. The cracker crust pizza was about the size of a dinner plate and cost 7 something. The normal pizza would have cost 17 dollars. If I had know I would have gotten the larger pizza and saved the extra for another day. Or breakfast.:rolleyes:

Roaring Forks… We shared a double cheeseburger. There was a small fixing bar. Lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions.

I think that does it for CS meals.

For most breakfasts, we just did coffee and toast in the room.

up next…AKV and VWL


I like reviews of food as we only go to a few restaurants when at Disney. I would definitely want to know what I might get!


AKV…we had a value studio, room 5114. Since it is a smaller room, I was expecting the furniture on top of each other. It was fine for the two of us. There is a lack of drawer space so a family of 4 would have problems. In front of the sofa there are two small tables. I guess about 18 inches square. We put one next to the bed (it juussst fit), so my DH could have an end table for his glasses and watch. We both wear glasses so something to put our glasses on is important. Our balcony overlooked a small savanna. We saw several animals over the course of four days. There was a large TV. Don’t know if it was HD or anything special. The bath was a bath, but we like the fact there was a shelf over the sinks. The hotel itself is great. We really loved it. So much that as soon as we got home, we got on a waitlist for our sept trip. We hope to spend a few days there and then go to BWV.
Because the resturants are on the first floor and the lobby is the third floor, the lobby is so peaceful. There is a firepit at one end. Of course tons of chairs and tables all over the place. And then there are spots here and there to look for animals. Some are just large windows in the hallways and some are porches. There are also a few outdoor areas to look for animals. Also another firepit outside. And rocking chairs all over the place. There seemed to be tons of activites during the day for kids…bead making, a parade round the lobby, coloring stuff, stories by the firepit… We were really impressed. At the outdoor animal viewing spots, CMs were always willing to answer any animal type questions.