My Trip Report


Trip reprt: Jan. 5th - Jan. 17 th
Myself, 24
Dan, DH, 27
Dan’s Mom,
Samantha, DD, 5
Joey, DS, almost 2

We left our house for Disney at about 4:30 in the afternoon on Jan. 5th for a very long drive from New Jersey to Orlando. We stopped at about 10:00 for the night. One Jan. 6th we drove all day, Dan’s grandparents just bought a house in florida, about 45 minutes from disney, so we stayed there to visit for the night. On Jan. 7th, we looked around their community and spent some time with them until about 2:00. We checked into Caribbean Beach Resort at about 3:30. We stayed in North Trinidad, Rm. 3601. We decided to go to Downtown Disney, despite the fact that my dd’s ear was hurting. Big Mistake. We had reservations at Shutters at 8:30, but we spent the evening at Celebration Hospital because I wanted to get dd some medicine so she could have fun on the trip. They gave her antibiotics and Tylenol with Codeine.


Oh no, I’ve been there done that. And that darn Celebration hospital didn’t accept my insurance.

I hope your trip get better in a hurry Jen.


Oh no, earaches are no way to start off a trip… :sad: I have been at home with my munchkin due to an ear infection the last couple days… :pinch:

I hope thing went much better after that!


The kids at the beach at Dan’s Grandma and Grandpas. It was so cold.


The whole Gang


Daddy and the kids on the Merry Go Round at Downtown Disney


Jan. 8th
Fortunately the medicine worked, my dd got a good nights sleep. I gave her the option of staying home and she (of course) wanted to go to Magic Kingdom. We got into Magic Kingdom, the kids visited with some characters in the main area there. We saw half of the Cinderellabration. What a great show. There was virtually no one in Magic Kingdom, so we went on Peter Pan’s Flight, It’s a small world (my first time because last year it was closed), and the carosel. We ate at Pinnochio’s house. The food was good. Then we saw Philharmagic. I still am amazed by that show. It has all my favorite movies in it. Last year my dd was scared, this year she loved it. No complaints about her ear still. We went to Toontown, no wait for Pooh Bear, Tigger, and Rabbit. Small wait for Minnie, Goofy, and Donald. I want to see Daisy, but she’s not there. Then we saw the parade. We had excellent seats. I love this parade. We had reservations at Crystal Palace. Their food was so good, to bad my camera wasn’t working right and I didn’t get enough pictures. Then we headed home for the night. So the kids could rest and we saw our treasures left by the maid. I love those little towel things.


They wouldn’t accept our insurance either. I don’t know why. They asked us if we could put ten percent of the bill down in good faith, we asked them how much was it, they told us $260. We said no, last week we got the bill and that was the total price, not ten percent. We were very relieved.


Thoise pics could have been from the Shore!


Sounds like a good save with the meds!! I love the beach pictures too, what a happy looking “gang!” Love it, can’t wait to hear more!


Our first character to met was Cruella De Vil. She was so much fun. She asked my daughter if she brought her a puppy, my dd said no, Cruella said then I am keeping your brother, She said that that was her payment for Samantha making her take a picture and sign her autograph book, of course Samantha said no and almost started to cry, but we (the adults) thought it was funny.


That’s funny. Not your DD crying, but the interaction.

(I, of course, would have traded my baby brother for a turkey leg, given the chance)


Joey getting ready to pull the sword out of the stone.


I forgot to mention that we played in Pooh’s thotful Spot. How cute is that? My kids could have stayed there all day.


This is my daughter…not so happy that I want to take her picture. She doesn’t want to see Minnie’s house, She wants to see MINNIE.


Joey’s comfy in Minnie’s chair.


Pooh and Samantha at Toontown. This where I found out you could buy the photopass pictures on a CD for $100. What a deal. From now on in our trip, every photopass person we saw, we got our picture taken.


Glad your DD was feeling better after getting some medicine. Day one sounds great so far, love the pics too!


More toontown pics


All of us in front of the castle. Not Dan’s mom though