My trip report!


Sorry I have been back for over a week and this is the first time I had a second to write.

First, we were late from the start! My boyfriends sister took us to the airport and got lost on the way to our house. We didnt get to Atlantic City until almost 530am and our flight boarded at 550am!! Luckily we got thru security and on the plane in time!

We arrive at Pop Century to find our room (a king in the 70s section) NOT ready. So…we headed to DTD for a bite to eat. We wound up eating at T-Rex Cafe. We had the Deluxe Dining plan. They dont take it lol. So, we spent it out of pocket. I got the chicken salad sandwich and it was WONDERFUL! I also got a Cotton-Tini. It was like heaven! lol. We got to keep the shaker my drink had been made in and the glass my bf had his mango margarita in! Yay! Instant souvenirs! We left with our wallets much lighter and headed to DisneyQuest. My BF was in his dream! lol We played some video games and hit CyberSpace Mountain…
:blow::blow::blow::blow::blow:it did not end well!:blow::blow::blow::blow:

I have officially decided I can not do virtual reality. Even the Jungle Cruise thing at DQ got me nauseated!As we were leaving DQ we got the text that the room was ready, so we headed back. We rested a bit and then got ready to go to dinner. We ate at the Grand Floridian Cafe. I really liked it. The atmosphere was nice and the food was really good. I got the mussels for the appetizer and then I had a seafood pasta for dinner w/the key lime tart for dessert. I will only tell you the food I got since every meal my bf got steak lol.

We headed to MK and stood in line to meet Chip and Dale. Some girl cut us off. Just got right next to me in line and started talking to her man about the line. I looked at her and said…the line ends all the way down there. She just said ok and stood there. Every time she inched up, I moved over and cut her off lol. :laugh::laugh:

We did a few rides (Splash mountain wooooooooooooo!) and then fought the crowd to get a spot for Wishes and the MSEP! First time I had seen both. I fell in love!

It was EMH that day, so we stayed a bit after, but since we had been up since 230am…it was time to go. Got back to POP and hit the hay…


I am totally Mousebuzzing in that last picture! lol


So, on Monday the 27th, we went to Blizzard Beach. I would not do Summit Plummit, but I did do Slush Gusher. Biggest wedgie ever! lol. Oh, and my feet flew up. I did not care for it at all! We only stayed there till a little after noon, grabbed lunch at POP and got ready for a quick trip to MGM…er…DHS, and then dinner at Yachtsman. We got to DHS and hit the good rides first, ToT and RnRC! hardley a line for either. Then we got to TGMR and it was time to head to the reservations. However, it had started to pour, so my perfectly straight hair…now not so much.

After the rain we waited…and waited…and waited some more for the boat to the Yacht Club. Finally when we got the the resort, we decided it may have been the most beautiful thing we had ever seen! lol.

Into Yachtsman we go. LOVE!!! My boyfriend did get a fancy app w/duck sausage and patte while I got the scallops. He got what he said was the best steak he had ever had! and mine was good as well. He got the banana dessert, while I opted for the chocolate. After a $160 bill, we decided the deluxe plan was worth the money! lol.

Back to POP!

(the pic at DHS was before rain…the orange tint one was after lol)


I am loving your TR so far! and your pictures are making me soooooo excited to be leaving soon!!! More more more please!!! :wub:


With the deluxe plan, does the yachtsmen cost 2 credits like on the regular dining plan?


Okay, we’re reading… keep writing! :happy:


Hey, where did she go?


Great start! Keep it coming:)


Okay, is this what they call a teaser??? :confused:
Give us some more TR :laugh:


Love your TR so far! Can’t wait to read more!


Can’t wait to hear more!! (no pressure though :blush:)


Yes it does, jo-jo


Yes, the yatsman is two credit points but it is worth it…at least Dh and i think so.


Sorry, will continue tomorrow. I promise!!


Ok. So on to 9/28. Animal Kingdom. We start our day going to BOMA for breakfast. We sat across from a woman and her mom who grilled me about the dining plan lol. They told me I should work for the company! haha. Anyway. BOMA was really good. The juice was incredible. Headed to AK, and hit up Its Tough to be a Bug. I dont know why I llike it so much lol.

I then sucked up my dislike for birds and headed to Flights of Wonder. I will tell you, it was one of the best shows I have seen at Disney. I loved the “tour guide” and the birds were pretty impressive. We did EE and then Dinosaur. By that point it was time for lunch at Tusker House. We got there w/minutes to spare and we still waited almost 30 minutes. By the time we ate, and were done (food was ok) it was time to head to the preferred seating for Finding Nemo the Musical. Again, an amazing show. You almost dont see the people! When we went to leave it had started to storm. I dont mean a light thunderstorm. I mean, a monsoon! We ran from the back of the park to the bus stops. We looked like someone had thrown us in pools! When we got back to POP, I bought umbrellas…that we didnt need the rest of the trip…and that mousekeeping threw out since we left them in a trashcan to dry!

We washed up and then got ready for our reservations at Big River Grille. I was not hopping from bus to bus with the rain issue (it was drizzling) so we called a cab. Headed to Boardwalk. We ate and my dinner (the shrimp and prissoutosp pasta) was sooooooo salty I could hardly eat it.

Then…Jellyrolls. Where I had 3 32oz Sex on the Beaches lol. Life was good…


a few more…


So Wed 9/28 we wake up late and are 20 minutes late for our ressie at Ohana. We get there and only have to wait like 10 minutes. The food was mediocre but the character interaction was amazing! Mickey came to us twice!!! and Stitch is just great!!!


my bf loves stitch…I have a dislike for Pluto lol. Not sure why!


ok, so from there we took the monorail to Epcot. hit the best rides of course. But I avoided Mission Space like the plague! lol We even did Ellens Universe of Energy. After we got off that, I noticed my ankles were bigger than normal. (Over the course of the rest of the vacation…the would swell to the point it was hard to walk!) We ate lunch at Via Napoli. I was not impressed. The decor was awesome, but the staff was rude. The food was just eh. I mean, my local movie theater has better tira misu!

We walked around the world for a bit, Maelstrom broke down for a bit (it was the 3rd ride that day that had stopped with us on it!). Before we knew it, it was dinner at Tokyo Dining. I AM NEVER disappointed with this place! The food was amazing and we had the first window seat so our view of Illuminations was amazing. Only downs fall, was they didnt lower the lights like last year.

After dinner, I was so swollen we went straight back to the hotel.

More later folks!! I have to dry my hair! lol


Great TR and Pictures…hope the problem with your ankles are better now that your home. It’s a shame that problem had to occur during your vacation.