My trip to WDW is co close, I'm doing the "potty dance"


New thread, meant mostly for those who are arriving in 5 days or less. Technically, I can’t post here for another week.


I’m doing the dance too! And technically, I can’t post for another week either!!:laugh: So, I’ll be back in a week. Hey, maybe we need an 11-Day club!


You lucky people. Have a great trip everyone. :mickey:


Im sooo happy 4 u…:happy:


I have under six days to go…does that count?Yay for vacation!!!


Your countdown says 5 days: you’re doing the potty dance! Mazel Tov!


Potty dance? LOL I know the dance…it’s the one that says " I am goig to WDW in less than a week" or “I really have to use the bathroom” LOL Congrats to all of those who are in the under a week status…I can’t wait to get that close!




Congratulations! What a wonderful feeling!


Can I join the 11-day club?:laugh:


I will be back in two days!!!


Congrats to all you soooooooo close! I’ll be joining you in right under 3 weeks!


I will be doing the single digit dance on Thrusday!!!


COngratulations to those of you who are so close. You are so lucky. I have what feels like an eternity to go.


The potty dance! :laugh: That’s a great term for it!

Congrats to everyone who’s going so soon - I am excited for you (you’re going during my fave time of year!) and I expect a FULL trip report when you return! :wink: :biggrin:


You must be going when I’m going…

I’m doing the potty dance but I actually have to go so see later.


To Soundgod and all who are going shortly, have a great time!!!
To Pooh Fan, 3 months are gonna fly bye, no problem!!!


i have just under 90 days…can’t wait…


Ooh, me me me! I’m potty dancin’!


We are down to 4 days…