My WDW trip that started w/ a bang + ended w/ a fizzle!


Ok… You asked for it. My first every MB TR report! :blush:

Cast: Me - Mommy or Jen
DH - Daddy or Mike
DS - Zach age 3 1/2 (1st trip to the World!)

Day 1
So we left for our long drive (1,000 miles) to WDW from St. Louis around 6:00 A.M. on Sunday Aug. 25 th. I had, had little to sleep. I felt just like those kids on the Disney TV commercial. You know the one where the kid says he is to excited to sleep. Well that was me!
So the driving was not bad. We were making really good time. It was Sunday and there was little to no traffic. So we decided to make a small stop in Chattanooga, Tenn. to see the Chattanooga Choo Choo. DS is one of those train crazy kids.

So we left Chattanooga and continued to drive and drive and drive. We ended up stopping at Tuftten, GA. At first I wanted to keep driving but was glad we had stopped when we did. I am a big fan of HBO’s Big Love and have not missed an episode. I had forgotten all about the season finale that night. We got in our hotel room a half an hour before it started. I just thought to myself, this is a sign, that we are going to have a great trip!


We went there last summer. It is a great town to visit.


great start…


Day 2

So after a little sleep, due to a really loud thunder storm and being still way to excited, we set out again. This time was different though, because I knew by 1:00 we would be a Disney!!! I could almost swear that I kept seeing Disney character shapes in the cloudes…
So before we knew it there it was… The Gate!

I woke up DS to see, but he was like where is the Castle?

So we find our way to Port Orleans Riverside and procced to check in. Ds sat with his favorite dog (puppy) to watch cartoons in the lobby.

So, Ok we just drive 1,000 miles from St. Louis, MO and who is the first preson we talk to a the resort at chek in? CM Andy from St. Louis, MO. :huh: He even went to the same high school the my DH did. Go fig!:laugh:


Hot diggie d dog, Jen has started her TR. Sounds like a good one if you go by the title. And Zach, how cute is he. Can’t wait to hear how he liked his first trip to WDW.


Great start. Keep it coming.


Great start…can’t wait to hear more!


It’s a small world after all. It’s a small world after all…(you know the rest). :biggrin:

Looking forward to hearing the rest.


OK, so we get to the room just as a surprise for my DH showed up. I had sent a Pirate/ beer from around the world gift basket. With a note reading: To A Wonderful Husband for A Wonderful Trip…

All so had one sent to DS to. With out the beer of course. Ha,Ha. His had his own personalized Mickey ears, Mickey gloves, autograph book, camera, photo book and snacks. His note read: I hope you have a Magical time. Love, Mommy

I forgot to take pictures of our gift baskets so I got the pic’s from Lake Buena Vista, FL - Florist, Flowers, Flower Delivery, Send Flowers, Buy Flowers Online, Walt Disney World Florist : Home

So now we are off to hop the boat to DTD. This was one of the reasons we like staying at Port Orleans! When my DS saw the club with the giant pineapple attached to it, he was so happy. He thought it was Sponge Bob Square pants house!:laugh:

First stop was to Earl of Sandwich. I choose this on the advice of my fellow MB’s. OMG! Me and DH agreed, those are some Awesome sandwiches!!! I got the BLT. YUMMY!
And this was our first time using our DDP. (Me like DDP!)

Then it was off to shop:


And of course we have to stop to ride the Train!

saw these two cuties coming out of BBB. I just had to take there picture. DS won’t let me dress him up a princesses:crying:


I’ve never been to downtown disney…what’s the deal with the train? Are there other little rides and what do they cost?


You were in our neck of the woods!!! I’m so glad that you stopped by, and I hope the traffic wasn’t too terrible. :mellow:


And because DH is a Harley Guy we had to stop in at the DTD Harley Store. I wish they made a line of Mickey and Minnie on motorcycle DTD shirts.

After allot of DTD fun we get the boat back to POR. This made DS very happy, because we got to ride the boat again. After resting up a little we head over to Epcot to catch the monorail to the Poly for 9:00 dinner a O’Hanna’s
I could not wait to eat here and try one of those Lupa Lupa’s you guys are always going on about.:biggrin:
We did not have to wait long at all for our not fabulous table. It was right by the window over looking the lake. The Castle in the back round all lit up. It was so perfect.
But wait it gets better. DS was in to to awesome singer and all the kids parading around the room, that we had a nice dinner for me and DH. Then I look out the window to see the Light parade of Boats! (I took pic’s but they are real hard to see.:crying: ) And then just as we are finishing our dinner the Wishes music starts and then the Fireworks! It was just so, so … WONDERFUL!:blush:
So after a great dinner we go outside to catch the Monorail back to Epcot. So while we wait I call home to tell my Mom about our awesome dinner. She just laughs at me and tells me to have a great trip. So then the Monorail pulls up and just for the heck (thinking no way) I ask if there is room up in the Drivers area. Guess where we got to sit!!! It was so cool:cool: And DS just beamed! Here he is while riding, holding onto the Co-pilot driver card they gave him.

OK kids, that has to be it for now but I will have more later!


Oh DTD is great! It is like the Disney Store Exploded, and got really BIG! The only little ride there was the train. It cost $2.00.

I’m glad we stopped to. We might go back some time to stay at the Hotel there to.


Hooray for another trip report!!! I totally need something to keep me occupied so I don’t jump out of my skin over the next 11 days!


Wow! What a great start…wonderful dinner at Ohana, Lapu Lapu…and front of the Monorail!!!


Love all your photos. Your DS is adorable. Great start to your TR, keep it coming!:happy:


[QUOTE=Disney Dreamer]Oh DTD is great! It is like the Disney Store Exploded, and got really BIG! The only little ride there was the train. It cost $2.00. [QUOTE]

There used to be a carousel in DTD too. Is it not there anymore? We have pictures of DS on it, but that was in 2005. It was also $2.


Great start to the report. Looking forward to more.


OK where did I leave off…Oh I know…

Day 3

So first off you have to realize Florida is an hour ahead of Missouri on time. With that said, I woke up at 6 A.M. (Florida time) I was so excited to take my son to the Magic Kingdom for the first time. He had no idea what kind of place we were taking him to. He just new that Mickey Mouse lived there and so did Woody and Buzz. Oh I could hardly contain myself. But first I we were going to go to Breakfast, and then I got excited about that. We where going to Chef Mickey’s. So after waiting for the Boy’s to wake up. We hop the bus to Epcot to ride the Monorail again. And again we get to ride up front. I’m like WOW!

DS was so happy that we were going to go into tunnel on the train. Until we explained to him it wasn’t a tunnel but a hotel. He goes, OHHHH Cool!:cool:

So we get to Chef Mickey’s. DS loved the fact that he could get his own food of the kids buffet. And then he gets to meet Mickey for the first time! And Donald, And Goofy too!