My Weekend at Disney


O.K. I’m back from my long weekend at Disney World.
Cast: Me 39 Disney everything
Goddaughter turned 4 on Saturday reason we went
Best Friend Goddaughter’s mother hates everything Disney

Two important things first then a trip report. One, the weather was beautiful, sunny 80 degree’s. :wub: Two, I WILL NEVER STAY AT POP AGAIN! :angry: Three, Goddaughter and Mother are the same! :noo:

Here it goes!

We lefted Detroit on Friday the 20th and arrived in MCO late afternoon, we rented a car and drove to POP arrived about 6:00pm and that’s when things started. I had faxed a requested and still they wanted to put us far away, so I paid the extra money for a preferred room. She then gave us our room keys and I asked her about our tickets and she said WHAT TICKETS? I said the one’s we paid for 2day park hopper and she then said that no tickets had been purchased, I showed her the confirmation she then walked away and a came back and said Nope, NO TIckets. I said yes she said no. Finally someone came up behind her and whispered something and she said "I’m sorry it’s right here! Printed out our new keys and we started for our DIRTY ROOM! Yes I said DIRTY ROOM! HAIR ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR AND THE TOILET ALL I CAN SAY IS GROSS :angry: . After cleaning that up we lefted for DTD and the little one had a break down she seen a dress and of course her mom let her try it on and then she told her NO and she started crying and carrying on so we lefted and went back to POP for a good night sleep. Magic Kingdom tomorrow and breakfast at CP.


Okay…can’t wait to hear the rest! :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to hear more! I hope there are pictures involved too. hehe


A child like doesn’t like disney? Say it isn’t so. I do hope you had some fun. I can’t wait to read the details.


I LOVE WDW and I am trying to have a baby. It will be a HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE if my child does not like Disney - what a travesty!!!

Looking forward to reading more!!!


Day 2 Come to find that Goddaughter doesn’t like the light’s turned on in the morning so I’m trying to get everyone up and ready to leave for breakfast at CP for 8:15am. We had to get ready in the dark until she was ready to turn on the lights! Finally we leave the room for the MAgic Kingdom around 7:30am and on the way I tell her we are going to eat to CP with Pooh, tigger, piglet and she say’s I don’t like them! I only want see the Princessess! We eat at CP anyways and start our LONG day on the Dumbo ride. Once Toontown opens we head back there to find out she doesn’t want to wait in any lines! I force her to wait in the Princess line so I can stop listening to her say “I only came here to see the Princessess”. We see Snow White, Belle and Cinderalla. No line is waiting to see Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald so she see’s them.
We head over to listen to Belle tell the story(which was very nice). Then to the front of the castle to see the celebration, she hates it! This is dumb can we go back to the hotel to swim she says! I SAY WHAT WE ARE AT DISNEY WORLD YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! Her mom agree’s with her and we head back to POP to swim and nap. 5 HOURS LATER she gets up and I say lets go back to mAgic Kingdom and ride so more rides , watch the parade and fireworks. They fight me, but I win! We have to wait 20 minutes for Peter Pan and Small World and she is going nuts. So we head down to get a spot for Specomagic. I tell her mom to take her shopping and get a snack, then come back and watch the parade. The parade in my eyes was beautiful and then 15 minutes later the fireworks. She did like Tinkerbell Flying. She did say that was “Cool”. DAy 3 later…


Whoa…how stressful!! I hope this trip ends up getting better for YOU!


Day 3… Another morning of NO lights. The morning started by goddaughter saying she didn’t want to go into the parks she didn’t want to wait in lines today. I told her that we had breakfast with some princessess today, who she asked I told her Belle, Snow White plus. She then said “I already seen them I don’t need to see them again”. So off we went to Epcot to Norway. We were early and had to wait, not good. We were seated and we seen Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Snow White and MAry Poppins. Food wasn’t overly good I have to say, but that’s not why we went there. After we leave there we started for the gate to head over to MGM. I asked her if she was excited that she got almost every princess to sign her book with pictures. She says"we didn’t get to see Mulan". Let me list all the authgraph and pictures we got in a 24 hour period. Ariel, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Cinderalla, Belle, Snow White, MIckey Mouse, Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eyeroe, Jasmine, Mary Poppins, SLeeping Beauty. ANd she is complaining we didn’t get MULAN!! O.k. on to MGM to see PLayhouse Disney, VOLM, Muppets and stuff. We have to wait for VOLM and she doesn’t want to wait she wants to go back to swim and nap. We walk around alittle bit and then decided to go back to POP. This time I was alittle smarter I explained that I was not going to waste my ticket and only spend 3 hours in the park after paying 60.00 so I lefted them at the room and went back to Magic Kingdom for about 4 hours and had a great time. When she was ready she called and I went back and went over to DTD to shop and eat dinner. DTD was packed but it was a beautiful night and I just love it there. Anyways we went in the Toy Store she found these princess dolls four per package and fell in love with them she became a whole different person after she got those dolls. We shopped and looked. I have to say that the WORLD of Disney store is under construction and it’s hard to move in there! Too Bad we didn’t find those dolls on our first night!!! Tomorrow we leave for home.


Oh boy! Sounds like you had a trying vacation. I am glad you ditched the unhappy pair and went back to the Magic Kingdom by yourself. I guess they are not meant to be park commandoes. Glad she was happy to find those dolls though.


Yikes Twins :pinch: You put so much into planning this trip for your Goddaughter, I’m sorry it was so rough. :flowers:

Like LMS said, I’m glad you got to spend some time alone at MK :mickey:


At what point is it imappropriate to say “Screw It” and enjoy your vacation? I’ve nominated you for Sainthood expect a letter from The Pope soon.


You said it Laneysdad!! Glad that you got to enjoy some time on your own:)


Yikes is what I say too. Glad you found some magic though.


Geez…I feel so bad! Now my cruise during Hurricane Wilma doesn’t sound like it was such a bad trip after all!!! :crying:

I’m SOOOOO glad for you that you went back to the parks. It must’ve been pure torture the day you went back to the hotel waiting 5 hours to go back!! I’m glad you were able to make the best of it!!!


I’m sorry to say this,but your goddaughter sounds like a little brat!! Sorry you had such a bad time with her.


Wow, what a trip. I would have been totally stressed out trying to make them happy and enjoy MY own vacation. I guess you know who NOT to plan another trip with, some kids are pretty hard to please


Sorry your trip did not go very well :crying: Glad you went to MK and enjoyed yourself. I would be crushed if my children did not like WDW.