My wife had an interesting idea.... Build a Mickey!


Okay, we were looking at the T-Rex Cafe online and saw the “Build a Dino” by the Build a Bear Workshop. Great idea. But why don’t they have a “Build a Mickey”? You go in, build a Mickey, or a Minnie, Goofy, Donald, etc, and all the clothes…

Do they have that or did my wife just have a great idea?


I think they offer this at DL but it hasn’t made it to WDW yet.


Duuuuudde, WDW is the big one, why does DL get it?


They have the build your own mouse ears!

And the blank vinylmations is kinda a “make your own” Mickey!


Awww I wish they had this at WDW I think it would be great!


I wonder why DL has this and not WDW. I would think it would be in the bigger park first.


I think this would be a HUGE HIT at DTD!!!


I read that they’re adding the build-your-own-ears to MK. Can’t remember where, though.


I am gonna have to give my wife a HUGE pat on the back and a kiss on the cheek for an idea well done!


Too bad that don’t have Build-Your-Own-Mickey, because DD5 would absolutely love that! She is obsessed with Build-a-Bear.


Disneyland has it because a lot of these ideas come out of TDA (Team Disney Anaheim) and WDI (Walt Disney Imagineering) here in California and they like to test new Ideas on the Flagship/Original Park. Just because one park is bigger (just by size, not by attractions) than the other doesnt mean it will get something first (I dont mean that in a bad way!) And generally speaking, since DLR gets a lot more locals than WDW the executives have to keep things more fresh and new at DLR than WDW to keep everyone happy and coming back (or so Ive been told!) And please dont take into offense anything I said, It wasnt my intention to upset anyone! :smile:


GOSH, I am completely offended!!! LOL. Nah, not at all, thanks for the insight on DL.


Always a pleasure :smile: