My wife said she'd divorce me If I make a Disney trip this year!


I didnt think she was serious, So I prank called her at work, saying that I called our travel agent and got us set up for a week at the Grand Floridian in December, and I got the park hopper pass,dining plan and all that stuff. She simply said “Im not going.” The end. Thats it. I said “Are you serious ?” ,She replied “Yes, im serious, Im not going.” :frown:

      I knew from the 1st time we went to Disney that  I enjoyed myself alot more than she did. We went to Coronado Springs last year on our 2nd trip. I just didnt think she was that serious about not wanting to go again.

Whats not to like about Disneyworld ? I dont get it. I know its not the most relaxing vacation we could possibly take,but its still the most fun. Its alot of walking,so in a way you come back from your vacation more tired than before you left home. So, now I cant go back to disneyworld until she feels like it…and that doesnt look like its gonna happen anytime soon.


Oh… that is sad… Maybe she will come around…
DH… Rlander… was way more enthusiastic about Disney many years ago than I was, but I grew to love it as much, if not more.


That’s so sad!! Do you have kids, nieces, nephew, cousins that you could take on a short trip by your self??


Im in the same boat… My DH said that he will not go this year… I know that he doesnt like it as much as I do. He would rather stay home and go fishing or something. When I went last year in may he stayed home… This year in Sept he is staying home as well…Trust me I know how you feel but Im not letting him stop me for having a great time… Im going with or without him!


oh man!! how about 2 short vacations - one to WDW and one to where ever she chooses?

or, let her go on a girls trip with friends/sister, etc while you go on a boys trip to WDW (get a friend to go who would be fun) or take the kids with you?


Hmmmmm… maybe plan a trip to WDW with the guys!


wow! that is tuff. Im glad my DH loves it or there would be some serious problems. I agree with everyone else. let her do what she wants and you go with a friend.


Wow…I have noticed this scenario many times over the years and wondered why so many couples have opposing opinions of WDW. I have read countless people trying to convince their spouse to go. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of fairy tale stories about happy couples planning away. Too often it is one sided. I don’t get it.

Like Daisee said above, I was always the most enthusiastic about WDW. But for the past several years my wife (Daisee) has fallen in love with WDW and all things Disney.:wub:

My suggestion is to go to WDW during a slow time when you are not hussle and bussled all day long. WDW has so much to offer for all tastes. There are plenty of places to be adventurous and plenty of places to relax and chill out. I have found that perspective is very important when planning a trip. Find out what would make her happy on vacation and plan for that.

Good Luck…remember…a divorce cost a lot more than a trip to WDW.:mickey:


Good one honey!


Marriage is full of compromises. DH has two weeks vacation, so we spend one week where he wants to go (always Michigan!) and one week where I want to go (always WDW!), and then make the best of both weeks.


My DBf of 11years is not a fan of WDW., He has gone twice with me just because he knows I love it so much. When he goes, he does what he wants…golfing, hanging at the pool or whatever suits his fancy as he is not a park person in the least. WE meet up for dinner and do something nonpark at night. It works out for us. I think you need to explain to her what it means to you and offer a plan like I do. Either you can come with me and do your own thing, or stay home. I go regardless…


DH does not like WDW as much as I do ( and my kids) so sometimes we go without him. He does not mind. He enjoys quality time with himself!


That is so sad. I hope she somes around over time and enjoys it as much as you do. WDW has so much to offer other than parks, maybe you could try a nno -park trip and see what she thinks.

I’m really lucky that my DH really likes Disney. I don’t know that he loves it as much as I do but he truly enjoys going and he’s all for getting up at the crack of dawn to get to the parks before rope drop. He’s not into all the plannig that I am but that’s fine with me, I enjoy all the pre-trip stuff and he enjoys the trip.


You know, DH and I used to take two weeks every year where we would go on separate vacations. He would hike, with his Park Ranger friend into the Sierra Nevada and I would go to a place where they employed a butler.

Have you thought about going alone?


Yeah, but a divorce you only have to do once. At least WDW trips can be repeated as many times as wanted. Hey, you know what… go anyway. This may sound selfish to some people but I really don’t give a rootin’ tootin; I don’t let Daniel stop me from doing anything. We compromise on MANY fronts but I do what I want, he does what he wants. I DO understand that it can be upsetting b/c you WANT to spend that time with the person you love most but forcing them to go doesn’t work either. Daniel isn’t a huge Disneyland fan like me, he’d always rather go to WDW. So one year I brought my Dad to Cali & DL instead. Daniel hates going to WDW in the summer, so we made a “Girl Trip” this past summer. Let her miss out… not you. Make sure you get a really nice massage, rent a boat, do a fireworks cruise, etc… take lots of pictures & maybe she’ll change her mind next time.


Dude - will you miss her?


Woman after my own heart…life is about compromise, not giving up the things you love. I love that you and Daniel have such a great relationship…your’s will last just because you respect each other’s likes and give each other the space to do what you want to do. It’s a partner in life, not a controller.


Well, this is not exactly the kind of forum that understands not liking Disney - but there are a lot of people out there who aren’t interested. We have a friend who calls it “The Evil Empire” - just to bug me.:glare:

She sounds like she’s serious to me - so I think I’d lay off the Disney for a while. There are lots of great places to holiday - maybe she’d enjoy a cruise. If you give in graciously, book a cruise or whatever, she may appreciate the compromise you made and come around eventually. A good marriage is all about compromise. Good luck!


Hmmm…Will you marry me???


Perhaps it’s more of a frequency thing an actual WDW thing. I’m that way. I LOVE the place and all, but I can’t do a trip every year - that’s too much for me. My last trip was about 3 yrs ago, and my family has started talking about going this summer… first thing I did was tell my parents that I was opting out.

You take a solo trip, let her take a trip somewhere with her girls. Simple.