My Yard Goes Disney Accepting Applications


We don’t have a big enough back yard and the homeowners assoc would never allow it, but maybe someon here could apply!

JayTV - Put Me on TV - Magical Backyard Makeover Casting Call


How big does the backyard have to be? Do you know? Mine is small… small-ish. But this would be so much fun!


I am going to apply. I have a huge acre+ backyard they could go nuts in!


I would love to enter, just don’t know how the dogs would feel about giving up their yard.


Would love to have something ‘Disneyesque’ done to the backyard … but alas, only open to US applicants. :angry:


I don’t recognize JayTV. Has anyone here heard of them?


I don’t know, but judging from what they have done so far they seem to want a lot of room to work with.


huh I might just have to apply wonder what they would do with almost a 4acre backyard…


It used to also be only open to Florida residents. If I wasn’t trying to sell our house I would do it. To get chosen, I also think you need to have an interesting family story.


Wow! My backyard is a flat, wide open 3/4 of an acre. My kids and I have talked about how great it would be to have Disney stuff in the yard. I’ll have to apply! Can’t wait!!!


I will apply and see what happens. I do know my father would absolutely going insane if I “disney-fied” his yard…lol


Sigh The one time I regret opting for more house/less yard.