This looks interesting. I especially like the part about being able to see a timeline of your pics. Can’t wait for the chance to try it out!:happy:

New Website for Walt Disney World Guests: | Chip and Co


You are able to add this to you Disney packages too!


Pretty cool. I am going to use photopass a LOT more on our next trip.


I got confused (yea, go figure). Is it different than the standard Photopass? Enhanced?
It sounded like it was not Photopass…


Wait a second, Dana…You mean I can just have my travel agent :wub: add this to my package instead of finding the coupon link online and ordering the CD at the appropriate time? Or do you mean that it is accessible through the My Disney Experience account once I order it myself and link it to the account?


No, your travel agent can add it to your package and no coupon code is required. IF you are interested, let me know and I will try and get message to your agent.:laugh:


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1137510]I got confused (yea, go figure). Is it different than the standard Photopass? Enhanced?
It sounded like it was not Photopass…[/QUOTE]

Photo Pass+ includes the attraction photos and character meals photos - much more included and definitely worth it for your group. I think (not positive) that you can have that added to your DVC res just like dining and pay for it.


Can the whole party use the + system if we split up? Usually I end up combining 4 or 5 PhPass cards onto one disk. If we are in seperate park, does everyone get the plus stuff?


Last I heard only one Plus card is issued, so the ride photos and the dining photos all have to be put on that card. But I also heard that you can add as many of the regular photopass cards as you want, just like before. Maybe Dana can confirm.


You just add the regular cards to FP+ acct at the end.


is this correct?


I am sharing my Photopass+ with my cousin and his family, sister and her boyfriend and brother in law and his family. We are overlapping our trips so we will be together for some of the trip and we will have to share the plus card and add all of our cards to buy one CD. I am really hoping this works out for us. I am looking forward to getting all our ride photos.


Yes it is. We used FP+ in April and were able to add regular FP cards to the acct.