Mystery gift delivered


A friend of mine just received a UPS delivery from WDW! In the box was a bunch of sketching supplies, a frame, and a clock. She did not order anything. Anyone know where or why this “gift” may have been sent? Pixie dust?


I have No clue


very strange…no note or anything inside either??


No note…just a standard form letter thanking for a purchase…???


Has see been to WDW before? Maybe had things shipped to her in the past? If so maybe they shipped something to her that was meant for another guest.


Was at WDW in April … Stayed off site… Never purchased a delivery before…???


My advice would be: SHHHHHHhhhhhhh


so is this new stuff or does it look like something that would have been left behind from a stay there and possibly shipped to the wrong guest…perhaps?

I KNOW…it was cnl mustard in the conservatory with the rope.


That may be it, they may have thought she left it behind. I would call and explain it and see what Disney says.


She plans on calling. Stuff is new. Unfortunately, her kids are all excited thinking they got a gift from Mickey…
Oh well. What a fun surprise. I’ll be sure to fill you in after she calls…


Thats strange. Can you tell her when she calls to ask them to send me a bunch of gift cards :laugh: I could use some of those


I’m curious now…I want to know where the mystery surprise came from! :laugh:


Wow! I’ve never heard of that before! Let us know what she finds out!


Did she call on this yet?



Not yet. She tried to call twice-both times after closing. She’s away on vacation now. (I am eager to find out too! I’ll certainly post when I hear.)


Our first trip to disney we recieved a box in the mail, full of disney stuff. Since it was after Sept. 11, and I had not ordered anything, we were a little hesitant on opening it. I do remember it had a stuffed princess ant from bugs life movie and a bunch of other stuff.


Hmmm, a while back I got what Disney calls a “party in a box”. It had to do with DVC, is it possibly from DVC?


Interesting…but my guess is probably a wrong address. But still, doesn’t hurt to dream. :laugh:


Hey I have “party in a box” – it’s called “Chardonnay!” :laugh:


:laugh::laugh:You had me laughing out loud with that one!:laugh::laugh: