MYW Packages Q


Hey guys,

I’ve never booked an actual Magic your Way package for Disney, since my SIL is a travel agent, and because our last trip was through the weddings dept :wub:

We are booking a 7 day package with the deluxe dining plan for Jan 1 x 6.

In terms of how the payments are structured - what is the deposit? And when does the remainder have to be paid?

Any info would help.



Rlander does our bookings…but I think he had to put down $200, then the rest is due 30 or 45 days before arrival…

SO sorry if I am wrong about this.


Deposit is $200 and the balance is due 45 days before you arrive. You can make any payments anytime you want as long as it’s PIF 45 days in advance. HTH!


Thanks :slight_smile: I love being PIF before we go!


Sorry - Is it $200 per person, per room, per booking?
We are booking 1 room for us, and 1 for my MIL.


per booking