MYW vs. Annual Passes comaprison


For any of you wondering (like me!) if the MYW package is good (read=cheap) enough to make you abandon your beloved annual passes, Mary Waring has done the number crunching for us! Check out this link for a great side-by-side comparison.


Thank you for the link, we have been tossing this around for months. I think we finally decided to go with room only and if an AP discount comes out we will try to get that. The MYW sounds great but I don’t want to try to eat all of that food. I would lose money, I just can’t eat all of that and hit the parks in July. DDE sounds like a better deal for us if we get an AP.


I was wondering what the breakdown was on that. She didn’t factor in the discounts you can get on merchandise and some food with the AP either. Nor did she mention that we are eligible for the DDE card…another savings. Thanks for the link to this.


There are so many AP perks without financial value that you can’t factor into this, too. We’re going with APs – and if our DVC rental works out this trip, we’ll go ahead and do that again in October. Packages always make me feel like I’m being taken advantage of… .


I love that I am now an AP holder!


Thank you for posting that site. I’ve gone in circles trying to figure it out and there it was in black and white. Just last week, I decided to go with the AP and DDE card, but seeing the details that Mary wrote, I feel so much better.


I think the only way to get your money’s worth on that plan is to spend most of your time eating rather than enjoying the parks. (and then you would be too stuffed to move!) I think I’ll look into the DDE because it is good at the hotel food courts too.


I’m still going to spend most of my time eating, but I’m glad I’ll be getting 20% off of every meal!! :wink:


You took the words out of my mouth!! I just ordered our card today. Can’t wait to get my 20% worth of dining! :biggrin:


I’m actually surprised. I KNEW that the APs were better for short trips, but in my quick calculations, I thought that the MMW option would be better for trips of 7 days or more.

Doesn’t matter anyway… I have my APs for this year and I just got my DDE confirmation in the mail and we’re hoping to go back at least one more time after our June trip. :mickey:


One thing to remember is that you can get most of the AP benefits by buying just ONE annual pass.


DDE is good for beer, wine, and other adult beverages as well. :biggrin:


I don’t know if I think the MYW is better for a trip over 7 days. Lil Brer and I are going The end of May-Early June for 9 days with one of those postcards for a cheaper hotel rates. I decided to book for a room only and get an annual pass and the DDE, due to the fact that MYW just isn’t feasible for us since we will be going back again in Dec. with Mom and DSF for our annual DVC trip. This way I have already paid for our tickets for that trip and we have the DDE. So, in Dec. the only expense we have is food and spending money, because the room is taken care of by DVC points. This way we get twice the mileage out the same amount of money. Plus, we also get the DVC discount on the purchase of the APs. That’s a deal as far as I’m concerned.

Mickey also told me that its better to buy the DDE in the month that you want it to expire because it expires at the end of that month. Since we are travelling in May. I am buying our DDE to match our APs, in May - so that everything will expire at the same time. That sounds the most reasonable to me.


I think if you’re making two trips in a year the AP is a slam dunk. We’re going in July and will go again at least by early the next summer. We’re even thinking about Christmas holidays.


We have made the AP choice for the first time this year.


I have been wrestling with the idea of whether or not we shoud buy the 10 day MYW hopper pass with the add-ons or a premium annual pass for our 2 weeks we’ll be onsite at Disney.


Best way is to use the mousesavers calculator posted earlier in this thread.


i think i’m gonna stick with doing the DDE to get 20% off our meals. i don’t want to be limited to where i can go with MYW with 2 full service meals, 2 character meals, etc. also, i don’t want to be spending $425 for the two of us when we mainly eat most of our food at dinner time. we have a brunch and then dinner. that’s it. thank you so much for the link. that was very very helpful.


Thats really the way to go tragic…we just used the DDE…and saved SOOOOOOOOO much money!
It worked in the foodcourt for breakfast too…just for a simple muffin…it was great!


One thing to seriously consider for AP holders who can go during the late August to October period when the MYW dining plan is free. This was pointed out on Mousesavers.

You can get a package for say, seven days, and only by a ticket for one day. So you use your AP and get the free dining plan for the entire trip. You can compare this against whatever AP hotel discount you would get if you didn’t get a package.

Remember, a family of four with two children older than nine, would get $140 of free meals with the free dining plan, which might be better than the AP resort discount.