MYW vs Park Hopper


Okay so I have a question. Is the Park Hopper really worth the extra money when you are traveling with 2 toddlers? It will be about $150 more for me to do the hopper. Last time I was there we did the hopper but I didn’t have kids. Also does anyone know that if you buy extra MYW passes could you use 2 passes on 1 day in 2 different parks? Does that make sense? Thanks for your help!


Sad news: My understanding is that you can’t use 2 day passes on the same day. Magic Your Way tickets are by day, not per park. Once you use a day at a park, you can’t go to another park and try to use “another day.” I can’t help you with the toddler question, but I imagine it would be a challenge to park hop with little ones. Hope this helps…



Thanks for the welcome!! We are leaving in 3 1/2 weeks and I am excited!! I think I will do MYW but I have a character breakfast scheduled 9/30 but touring plans says to stay away from MK and that is where the breakfast is! Off to see if I can change it!


hey tinytink… not to confuse the situation further, but we have ALWAYS park-hopped, and we found it especially beneficial with toddlers. The reason is because we’d get an early start and do one park as soon as it opened. Then, around lunchtime, we’d leave that park and go to the resort and have quiet time, or even pool time. After the kids were relaxed and refreshed and back in “peaceful” mode, we’d head to a different park. With all the new and interesting things to see, we never had kids who were ready to leave the parks. And with the break in the middle of the day, they never got crabby.


Ditto :wink: :laugh:


That isn’t confusing, it makes sense. I am just having a hard time deciding because we are traveling with a big group (my inlaws) and I don’t know how “flexible” the will be. LOL Thanks for the info though, we are supposed to talk about it on Sunday so we will see what they all think! Thanks!


I had this same issue a week or so ago. I had to cut back a bit on our trip and was not sure what to do. I spoke to Mouseketrips who I booked with and asked what the heck should I do. he told me for the time of year i am going all parks will be very crowded and that if i was going to another park for less people well that would not happen. We have 4 kids oldest of 11 and youngest is turning two when we are there. I cancelled the hopper and figure I can add it on before I leave if i want . I really don’t think that this time I will add it though unless dh says to add it back on.


Welcome to MB :laugh: and I would think the Park Hopper would benifit you as you could come and go in the Park the same day


I like the option of park hopping too, although I’ve never done a cost-benefit analysis. When we go during off peak times, the parks are usually not that busy and regular hours are shorter. I liek the idea of leaving DS by 8 pm and having and extra couple of hours to hit MK if I really want. Sometimes when you have the energy to go, it’s nice to have the option.


So do you mean that if you get just a MYW Base ticket you can’t get back into the same park on the same day? So if you go to MK once you leave you can go back to even the MK? Sorry, just a little confused!


You can go back to the same park, but if you go to a different park it will deduct another day!


PS. The only prob with a NON HOPPER, is you have to make sure you know the EMH of each park, so you pick that park for that day and you get to utilize the EMHs either am or pm!


I am sorry, but that does not make sense to me. If I don’t have the PH option, and I want to go to another park, they dink me for another day.
So why then, wouldn’t it be possible to go to the window of the park I want to visit, besides the first one, and just buy a day pass and go in. I think that’s absolutely possible.

My choice, though, would be to go with the PH option because you can just hop to another less crowded park if you feel like it. I think it’s worth the money.


This is TRUE! We hopped around so much, that one day we took a break from the parks . . . we all had one day left on our tickets and added the no exp the day we left . . . Disney is flexible in letting you add/upgrade your park tickets . . . remember: They don’t call them “MAGIC YOUR WAY!” for nothing! :laugh:


We used to do Park Hoppers before kids, but have opted to do without for the past several trips. Personally, I think it’s easier to just stay put with little ones. Dragging strollers on and off busses can be a bit of a pain. If we do need to go back to the resort for rest, we just go back to the same park that evening. I’ve found that if I’m looking for a place to cut costs, park hopping is something I can definitely live without. I actually arrange my park days to avoid EMH. I’m not waking a toddler to be at a park at the crack of dawn, and the little ones typically can’t stay up late enough for the eveing EMH, so we have found it better to avoid parks on the days they have them.


I always recommend the Park Hopper. Even if you don’t hop parks everyday, it’s a great option to have. You don’t feel committed to a certain park. If it’s raining at AK, then you can run and find shelter at Epcot.

It’s personal preference, but I would go for it.


We have done both but with the granddaughter (3 at the time) we went to only one park per day. We went back to the resort for some down time and then back for the evening. It worked out very well.


I would not be happy without the ability to park hope… it is a MUST HAVE for me no matter what the cost… You should have no trouble… I’ve got three kids who are now almost 3, 5 and 7… but I’ve been there when they were 3 moths, 2, and 4… I had absolutely no troubles hopping with three small ones… and besides… if your toddlers are under 3…they are free… (I’m guessin under three cus I don’t think of 3 year olds as toddlers…to me they are now preschoolers…but maybe that’s just me).

Just bring your stroller/double stroller from home… mine would pass out in the stroller if they got tired… had absolutely no trouble park hopping… I think not park hopping is a realy hold back. But by all means bring your own stroller(s) because you’ll want them for around your resort, for downtown disney, and for getting to and from hotel/bus stop and parks/bus stop… if I had to drag toddlers around w/o a stroller even for 5 minutes I think I’d have lost my mind…strollers are a must.

Hope that helps?


Thanks everyone for your opinions, it really helped! I think we are just going to stick to one park a day. I don’t think I want to haul everything plus we will be there for 7 days so we will have plenty of time to go to all the parks.