Name something that you've never done on any of your WDW trips


Alrighty! Is there one thing (or more) that any of you have never had the chance to do while you were on a trip to WDW?

This could range from a ride, or a show, a restaurant, or even a trip to a particular restroom! LOL!

I’ve never been able to stay at the Contemporary, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do every trip.

What have you guys always wanted to do, but never could?


I’ve necer danced naked in the EPCOT fountain.

Drunk, but never naked.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;954607]I’ve necer danced naked in the EPCOT fountain.

Drunk, but never naked.[/QUOTE]

Let’s all Thank God for small favors. :ohmy::laugh:


Wouldn’t that result in a Phase 4 closing of Epcot?:eek:

To answer the question, I have never eaten at Victoria & Albert’s (but plan to remedy that) and I’ve never had tea at the Garden View Tea Room (intend to remedy that too.)


What’s the big deal? Franco did it. No one said anything.


Never had dinner at Victoria and Albert’s (yet).
Although I did use the lie that we were dining there on our anniversary as an excuse/cover story why I was bringing my tux and why DW had to bring a cocktail dress for our surprise wedding vow renewal on our anniversary.


That would be a Level 10 evacuation of all guests and CMs from Epcot, not merely a closing.:nuke:


E tu, Doug?


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;954607]I’ve necer danced naked in the EPCOT fountain.

Drunk, but never naked.[/QUOTE]

Oh great! Thanks for the visual that’s stuck in my head now!!:blink:


We have yet to do Soarin’. Fast passes are always gone by the time we get there and the wait is always too long. Hopefully next trip, fingers crossed…


Victoria and Albert’s is way cool. It takes some svaing on our part, but getting a car and spending the evening there? It puts the U in ‘lucky’.


LOL!! Out… of… control…!! :laugh:

I have never seen a lot of the shows like the Lion King and Nemo.


We’ve never been to the Enchanted Tiki Room! Never done the Flights of Wonder show at AK and we’ve never seen the tigers either!

Our goal is to eat at every single place at WDW and we haven’t even put a dent in that list!! V&A’s is one of them! But we are planning to go in two years for our 10th anniversary!


We’ve never been on the riverboat in MK, nor the Astro Orbiter. There are some other baby rides we have always skipped too.


Dumbo - I’ve never ridden Dumbo.


Never rode Mission Space. Never ate at Victoria & Albert’s. Never been to the Grand Floridian (am going in June to eat at 1900 Park Fare)


I’ve never done Mission Space, River boat, seen nemo show, flight of wonder and meet Jack Sparrow. All things that are on my list for Sept.


nemo show, not worth the time

Jack Sparrow only does shows…no autographs or pics:glare:


I’ve spent lots of time and done lots of things around Disney, but I still haven’t explored the Disney’s BoardWalk area!


Never stayed at the Grand Floridian (Mortgage the House…that is).
Never gone thru Swiss Tree House or went on the Steam Boat.