Name the first guest


Ok, I am going to really put fellow DC’ers to the test, name the first guest at WDW? And how long did it take them to get to 1 billion? Bonus question, how long did it take DL to welcome it’s 1 millionth guest?


His name was Ed. They hit 1 billion on a Thursday.

What do I win?


Well hate to burst your bubble but wrong on both accounts. Give up?


One more guess…


It was a Monday in June.


Good questions! I’m clueless, but they are good questions. And good guesses, Cavey.


I think I remember seeing a show when I was a kid about a family that was the first into the park when it opened and they got lifetime passes for being first. It was many years ago, so I’m probably wrong. (Oh - and I think it was a Tuesday).


See, now you’re just guessing. :dry:


Ok, here you go…the first guest at WDW was on October 1, 1971 and his name was William Windsor, Jr. They welcomed their 1 billionth in 1994 and she was Mary Smith of Decatur, IL. As for DL it took them a little under 2 months to reach 1 million and that was on Sept.8,1955 and her name was Elsa Marquez. Either I have way too much time on my hands or I truly am a Disneyphile.