Names ON Stones


Can anyone till me if you can still purchase a stone and put your name on it outside MK? If so where do you purchase them and how much?


I would LOVE too purchase a stone…but I don’t think you can anymore. It seems like most of the stones aren’t that recent. But I could be wrong and hopefully am!


I’m not 100% positive but I don’t think you can buy the stones anymore. I think when they stopped they started the photo ones in Epcot. (And I can’t remember what that’s called for the life of me right now–Just looked it up–“Leave a Legacy”)


And I just read on Allears that the Leave a Legacy was discontinued in June.


I may be wrong. but I think they stopped selling them in the late 90’s. I know for sure they stopped selling them though.


:sad: I should have done it last trip.


We have our kids photo’s on the leave a legacy walls. It is strange though… they built way more walls than needed for that project. Only a few of them are being used. I guess it did not go over as well as they had planned.


They are no longer selling the stones outside MK or the Leave a Legacy tiles outside of Epcot. The MK stones haven’t been sold in quite a while, and the Leave a Legacy tiles haven’t been sold in about 6 months or so. It is too bad, I would love to do the stone outside MK. We looked into the Leave a Legacy tile and it was only about$40 (I think-I remember thinking the price wasn’t bad), but we didn’t do it, and now we won’t be able to.


We have a stone or brick just outside MK on the ‘Walkway around the World’, I bought it for my DH’s 40th birthday-it is lovely with a beautiful inscription to my DH from myself and DD and we always go visit it every year. I was told when I purchased it that it would have to be renewed every 10 years and if not it would be replaced as at the time there was a huge demand for the stones.
However, since then I have not noticed any advertising for new stones to be purchased and guess the concept was discontinued in favour of Epcot’s ‘leave a legacy’. I am happy to renew our stone every 10 years as that way our family will always literally be a permanent part of WDW!!


I think the brick idea was a fun idea, but once they got to a certain point they couldn’t finish it. I believe that they were selling bricks approaching the water parade canal when they realized they had two gotcha’s. They would have to build an ungainly bridge across the canal if they wanted to keep the water parade going along with the brick sales. The second was that they started to have to do infrastructure mainentance that required displacement of the bricks. These bricks were being misplaced or destroyed and Disney started to get complaints, so they decided to stop that program.

The metal etching places on the stones at EPCOT Center. Kind of a good idea, but after seeing the first metal “plaques” after one year in the weather you could tell that they would not last. It was already to hard to see the pictures after a year or two.


I saw several stones outside MK with 2004, 2005, and 2006 dates on my last trip!!! I’m not so sure that they stopped selling…

I think that the Leave a Legacy was a bad idea… you can hardly see the pictures at all, even when they were brand new! (and it just takes up space…)


I agree, I’ve always thought that the stones looked like tombstones or some type of bizarre graves. I thought once that if aliens landed at Epcot, they would think that it was once an ancient burial ground. :eek: :eek:
Plus they do block the view into Future World, and I think that Epcot should be visually open when you enter the park, and the pictures were so small they are barely recognizable. :confused:
If they removed Leave a Legacy along with the wand it wouldn’t bother me.