Napa Rose for Anniversary


We will be celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary and would like to plan a nice dinner at Napa Rose.

When is the best time for dinner?
What is the best location for viewing the park during dinner?
Can you see the World of Color from the restaurant?
Is there a better park view location within the restaurant?
What is the best day: Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed Thurs or Fri?



To begin with, you picked a wonderful restaurant to celebrate your wedding anniversary. :wub:

When is the best time for dinner?[/QUOTE]

Napa Rose is a LARGE restaurant, and if you call soon enough in advance, you can have your pick of time day. I would expect it would be depending on if you are going to the parks that day. Napa Rose is open after the park closes, so you could enjoy the maximum time in the park and still enjoy your dinner without feeling rushed.

What is the best location for viewing the park during dinner?
Can you see the World of Color from the restaurant?
Is there a better park view location within the restaurant?

Since these are all “view” questions, I can answer them in one single word. No.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about not being seated for a “spectacular view” while dining at the restaurant. There aren’t any seats for that, I suppose because your attention SHOULD BE on the food and the decor inside. :blush:

The only place to even look out a window is on the EAST side of the restaurant, but you don’t see much other than the brick wall/and bridge at Grand Californian entrance into California Adventure. For whatever reason, this is not modeled after those restaurants with magnificent views to ooh and ah after like the California Grill above the Contemporary at WDW. Having just dropped $350.00 for the two of us on the four course with wine pairings, trust me, the pretty stuff is on your plate. :pirate:

Back when I was in Law School, and my heir apparent wasn’t considered an adult, I made a point to eat one meal at Blue Bayou. It had atmosphere, it had food that wasn’t placed in plastic or styro foam. Up until the Pirates’ franchise, it was the place to go.

Now, I make Napa Rose my once a trip location. I have eaten on various nights, I suspect the only difference between nights is that the weekends are probably more crowded. But even on crowded evenings, you aren’t left waiting for years before the bus boy shows up to fill your water glass.

What might be important is the restaurant changes their four course ever week, starting every Friday with a new menu. :cool:

I hope this answers your questions. It truly is the best restaurant on property, though Jazz Kitchen comes in a close second. As does Club 33, if you’re lucky enough to gain access. :ph34r:


Experiment6-2-6. You nailed it! Thanks so much!


That’s why I get paid the big bucks. :pirate:


By the way, I pulled their cad while we ate at Napa Rose last month.

For priority Seating and Reservations, 1-(714) 300-7170.

Eric Quezada is the Restaurant Manager and Sommelier, and Philippe Tosques is the General Manager. :pirate:


Thanks again. I will give them a call. We are definitely going to enjoy it!


Happy Anniversary! Napa Rose is a wonderful restaurant. My favorite time of day is sunset; try for a view of the Mattehorn. Enjoy!


Um, I’m not sure where Belle was, but I’ve never seen any view of the Matterhorn from Napa Rose. There’s not much of a view of anything from NR; it’s not set up that way.


Oh, good. I’ve never been to Napa Rose so I couldn’t answer with authority, but I have walked past the door, and I couldn’t figure out where a Matterhorn view could come from.


You can see the Matterhorn from the North Side Rooms of the Grand Californian. But since the Napa Rose is situated on the SouthEastern side, any view North to Disneyland is blocked by a wing of the Grand Californian. :pirate: