Narcoossee's and the Wave


Love Narcoosssee’s, but am getting shut out the entire week of 1-6 Nov 10.
Tried on line and even calling WDW-DINE.
If one walks up to their bar, can you get dinner served there.
I know that works at many WDW restaurants, but I don’t know about there.
I have had appetizers at Narcoossee’s bar, but I don’t know about an entire dinner.

Also, if Narcoossee’s is out, how is the Wave???

And does CA Grill still charge a booking fee to hold the table??




We love Narc’s. Try to go there each trip. And I think we are the only MB’ers who had a horrible meal and service at the Wave. I was suprised about the Wave after everyone’s recommendations. Must have been a bad night. Either should be good.

Since you cannot book Narc’s now for that night you want at least book something and keep calling up until your trip. Also keep trying when you are there. We frequently book a ressie the morning of when we are in the World and have gotten ressie’s where we could not get one previously. People cancel all the time the day of.


this week disney reservation system went down in many ways,lost resevations ,lastnight system went down and restaurants were blind …good luck …finally off to epcot


>>horrible meal and service at the Wave.<<
We went there once and never were waited on. Walked out.

>>want at least book something <,

Did Artist Point. <g> Another of our favorites.

>>this week disney reservation system <,

Called the GF and spoke w the CM who “answered the phone.” Mentioned that it was really strange that Narcoossee’s was “booked” the entire week… and that I’ve seen the computer system go down, etc. She laughed and denied that could ever happen!!! Said it’s a popular place!!!



I agree with Pam&Rich, keep checking and call the morning of the day you want to eat there. People cancel all the time and sometimes just don’t show up. We have gotten into Les Cellier before just by walking up.


It also depends on how late you want to eat.
I’d say you stand a great chance of getting a walk up if you arrive after 9:30.
Also, I think you’ll have no trouble eating your entire meal at the bar.
I think Cali Grill still takes the credit card number as a $10 no show fee, but they only process the charge if you don’t show up.
Of course, if you can’t get into Narc’s, good luck getting a reservation for the Grill.