"Narnia" DVD release April 4


i got an email today from disneyshopping.com about pre-ordering “Narnia”. i’m definitely gonna pre-order my copy. it’s weird that it’s coming to DVD already. it was just released in december and now it’s coming to DVD in april. but, yeah, it’s coming out so I can watch it again!


EXCELLENT!!! I wasn’t able to see it in the theater, so I’m glad it’s coming out so soon…


So soon?? :huh: eh I guess I could see it again.


i’m looking forward to its release. i’ve enjoyed the book so much since i saw the movie and i’m almost done with “prince caspian”. i can’t wait for that movie to come out.


Wow! That was fast!

They make a big percentage of their profits from DVD sales now, so the wait time is getting shorter for films to come out on DVD after release.