Narrator for new spaceship earth


as seen on www.wdwnewstoday:

It is being rumored that the new narrator for Spaceship Earth at Epcot will be famous actress Judi Dench. This is the first name other than Patrick Stewart that I have heard, so it seems there is a good shot at this being true. If so, this will mark the first female narrator for the attraction. I will try and gather more information on this before next week.


I hope it’s true. I’ve watch the PBS show As Time Goes By at least 3 times now because of her. A great actress.


That would be a great move. When does it re-open


Cool! Judi Dench would be very good…


Judi Dench’s voice would be perfect for SE


I love Judi Dench, to be sure.

But I still want Walter Cronkite back. I loved him, I miss him, and the ride needs him!!!



“And that’s the way it is” It wont be the same without Walter but I guess change is good


ohhhhhhh I love Patrick Stewart’s voice.

I’m right sad that there will be no SE when I get there. The kids LOVED it! sigh…


Isn’t that a great show? I watch all of them. You must try to catch “Keeping up appearances” OMG–funny

sorry for the threadjack, Chris. Either one of these actors would be great. That British accent gets me every time :smile:


Who is this person?


I love Patrick Stewart, I love Judi Dench. It’s all good.


i think jeremy irons has been the best narrator so far… i would hate to see him go


Dame Judi Dench is one of England’s most loved and famous actors. She won an Oscar for her performance in ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and has won many other acting awards for her performances in a variety of films such as Chocolat, Mrs Brown, Casino Royale, A Room with a View etc. She is currently working on the next James Bond film ‘Bond 22’
As a clasically trained Royal Shakespeare company performer Judi Dench has the most wonderful voice both distinct and clear.
However, I have to agree, I still love the original narrator!!


Is she ‘M’?


Yes she is M:happy:


Got it, thanks.


You betcha!:wink:


Judi Dench is the best narrator in SSE!


And that says enough. I agree then w/ Jeany. She rocks.


Thanks Boss Mouse! I agreed with you! She rocks too!