Narrator line-up for Candlelight Processional


For those of you who are going to WDW during the Christmas season and plan to attend the Candlelight Processional, here’s the line-up of narrators:

November 24-26 David Robinson
November 27-29 John O’Hurley
November 30-December 2 Rita Moreno
December 3-5 TBD
December 6-8 TBD
December 9-11 Steven Curtis Chapman
December 12-14 Maureen McGovern
December 15-17 Kirk Cameron
December 18-20 Lou Diamond Phillips
December 21-23 Cuba Gooding Jr.
December 24-26 Gary Sinise
December 27-30 Marlee Matlin



Thanks for the info Smee! :slight_smile:


Now, to decide between my beloved Steven Curtis Chapman or Kirk Cameron.

I really can’t decide.


Someone pick for me…wait, no - I’ll pick…no, someone pick for me. Please.


:ph34r: I may or may not be at the Steven Curtis Chapman reading.:ph34r: If that helsp you decide.


That certainly DOES help me decide…

I will hold out hope that you WILL be at the SCC reading, and go see my beloved SCC.

Will I get a chance to meet him? Or at least touch him? :laugh:


I’m going to go to both SCC and KC. I can only hold out hope that one of the TBD’s will be Jim Caviezel!!!


We won’t get there til the 14 anyway, so looks like kirk would be the ticket, if we even go to WDW at all.


But, Mick - will I get to touch him. You didn’t specify.


Where ya goin, when you’re down here?


In all the years I have gone to Candlelight Processionals,the celebrity narrator has always been backstage and never has come to the front of the stage for photos,autographs,etc.,so I don’t think there is a chance of anyone meeting them. The only way I think anyone can meet the celebrity is if you are a participating choir or a chaperone for said choir.


When are the dinner packages going on sale? Somebody had said early August but my wife called and they aren’t on sale yet. The CM said something about late August???


Someone better sign me up for that choir. :ninja:



Last year when we signed up, we were supposed to have Jim Caviezel, but it got switched on us. Same thing happened the year before. I can’t remember who the narrator was supposed to be, but we had Eartha Kitt, and she was great!