Narrowed down Resort choice from 2007


I am leaning towards either:


I know if we stay at WL we will have more extra $ to maybe do the Hoop de Doo or luau. But I would love to stay at Poly or Contemp too…lol We will see.

I think the Grand is beautiful but I think DS would enjoy a less formal atmosphere. Next step is to narrow down the date and then get prices. I was thinking early or mid May. After Spring Break and before summer.


I would go with WL to save cash for other things. In the end…it’s the activitities like Hoop Dee Doo that DS will remember the most…not the hotel.


I think the Grand Floridian is very formal. I don’t know if I would feel comfortable there, let alone my kids! I’d still like to try it though. :smile:

The WL is just beautiful. Maybe you could even stay longer if you pick the WL over the others.:happy:


If I had a choice and I could afford it, I would stay at the Poly. It doesn’t seem like a huge price increase from WL, but one that is worth it. The restuarants and views from the Poly are wonderful, or so I’ve heard!


I love the GF, but DH finds it too pretentious. I fthink it’s soooo beautiful it actually takes my breath away when I walk into the lobby. Last year we were at WL and liked it alot too. The boats were a bit slow, but if you’re not in a hurry then it’s a fun way to get to the MK. We’ve also stayed at the Poly and have loved it. DD had so much fun in the Volcano pool. Watching the MK fireworks from the beach is awesome!!! We’re actually trying out the Contemp for 3 nights in April (b/f heading to the Beach Club) so I can’t help you there, yet.:blush:


I love the Polynesian, but the other two are pretty nice too!


We have stayed at all three and if money was no issue I would pick the Poly.
Why… View of the MK and other resorts. Being able to sit on the beach and watch the fireworks over the MK. Also being on the monorail line gives you great dinning choices. The volcano pool is too cool!
WL is a great resort also the theme/decorations are great. The pool is very nice too.
But my 1st choice would be the Poly


I have only stayed at the Poly and LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!! I would LOVE to stay there again! But then again, I’d love to experience the Grand Floridian and WL, too! :happy:


Go for WL!

I know I recommended the Contemp before, but I would hate forking over that much extra money just for that resort. (I dunno, it doesn’t excite me a lot? :confused:) WL is going to be really convenient too…and then you can use all the extra money for fun stuff!!! :biggrin:


my favorite is the contemporary…i have always loved it there…


We’ve stayed at all three as well. One stay at each. Next month we’re returning to the Contemporary. I just really like the MK side of the tower. Poly’s really nice as well, but if you want a balcony, you’ll have to ask for third floor. Second only has windows and the first floor are patios where everyone can just walk up to you. I’m pretty sure we’ll stay at the Grand Floridian next year.From what I’ve seen here and also at the resort, kids seem to do ok there too. We’ll return to the Wilderness in the future as well.


We had a balcony at the Poly when we went…with an AWESOME Castle View. It was WONDERFUL!!!


my parents just came back from Disney and stayed at Poly. They said it was the best resort, my dad is picky so that is saying a lot .


Hey, we just tent camp at FW, but if I could afford a deluxe, it would be WL, followed by BW, Poly & GF. The Contemporary is too odd for me. I love to visit there, but I wouldn’t want to stay at it.


Early to mid May is a great time to go.

It’s really hard to pick, but you can’t go wrong with any of the resorts in the MK area.