Narrowing down reservations


I think we will for sure book 'Ohanas and Boma for our trip we are now trying to narrow down which character meal to book Kids ages 4,6 Girls,7 Boy really know nothing about any of them except what I have read and since we are only going to do one which one should it be everybody has diffrent ideas. I hope you dont get tired of me asking but please help! I will be forever gratefull


If your kids are fans of Pooh and friends to Crystal Palace.
Chef Mickey’s is also very popular.


We tried dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern for the first time last summer and loved it. The food was brought to our table and served family style so there was no up and down getting food and the characters were great.

Chef Mickey’s is a must do for us. We usually go during breakfast, the food is good and the atmosphere and characters are wonderful.

Here is a link to AllEars about character meals.


We never get tired of questions - we all ask questions. Don’t worry at all about that. Do your children have any particular characters that they “love”. Each character meal has different characters.


yes they like minnie and mickey


Minnie and Mickey are both at Chef Mickey’s. Minnie is at LTT and Goofy’s breakfast at Cape May at the Beach Club.


I highly recommend Chef Mickey’s, Liberty Tree Tavern (dinner), and Cape May Cafe. Mickey is only at Chef Mickey’s, but Minnie is at all three. Enjoy!!


If you are going to only one…Chef Mickey’s. If you are willing to do the work…CRT is great also (even our 12yr,4yr old boys loved it).


Are you open to a Character Breakfast? Because if you are - this is what I would do. I’d choose Chef Mickey’s (lots of action going on there), and make at ADR for about 11 am on an Early Entry Morning at the MK. I’d be at the MK first thing,head to Fantasyland. Do all the attractions there and then do as much as you can before 11 a.m. Then head over to the Contemporary for your brunch (you can take the monorail or walk). Have a very large brunch and then head over to Epcot on the monorail. By that time a lot of the crowds have moved on to World Showcase. And you’ll be able to tour all of Future World. Lunch won’t be necessary - you’ll still be full from brunch. We did this alot when our kids were young - rotating between Chef Mickey’s and Park Fare Lane at the GF - and it always worked out perfectly.


I agree with the Liberty Tree Tavern, another favorite of ours. Great food!!! Make reservations soon as possible. JOANN :flowers: :mickey:


I agree!
Chef Mickey’s or Liberty Tree would be your best bets.


If you are going to make a reservation for Boma,make it for either Wednesday or Saturday night,because that is when they have all-you-can-eat ribs. They are the best I’ve ever tasted.


For character experience, and based on the preference of Mickey/Minnie, ya gotta do Chef M’s. Personally, we like the dinner there - for just a few bucks more, we feel like we get a LOT more. My kids are usually tired enough to relish actually sitting down by that time too, LOL, and letting the characters come to them! :tongue:

Just be sure to save enough energy to swing that napkin! Chef M’s gets you back in a zippy mood, no matter how many miles you’ve walked (and ya gotta love the wonderful desserts at dinner… oh my - that chocolate mousse pie thing is to die for… yummmmmm…)


Another vote for CM. It is a must do for every trip.We usually do breakfast, but last trip did dinner instead and it was great!


Llama, that’s a pretty good plan. Solid logic.


Chef Mickey’s! Mickey and Minnie are both there along with Pluto, Goofy and Chip & Dale! A great time! :mickey: