Narrowing it down


We are working on planning a disney weekend. We have narrowed it down to Sept 24th (Wilderness Lodge for $109 or Port Orleans for $80) or December 3rd or 10th weekend (Value for $77 or moderate for $133).

We have been to disney the beginning of September but never the end of the month. How are the crowds then? And is the Wilderness Lodge really nice? We wont be spending alot of time in the hotel so we arent sure if we would stay there or not yet.

We havent ruled out going Sept AND December…just have to wait and see. We normally go the beginning of December and incorporate my son’s birthday in the trip as a special gift.


As for the crowds in later September ~~ We were there later September last year and the crowds were very very light!!! And we stayed at POR and it was great!!! However, I would love to stay at WL so that would be a hard choice!!!


If staying at POR meant being able to go both times,then I’d go for POR!!!


Go in September, there are no crowds!


I would highly recommend staying at WL if you can. It is by far my favorite resort!


Go in December. You can get the full holiday effect…man I’m jealous. I have alwasy wanted to go then, but can never manage a good enough excuse to take off from work…I’m a retail manager…lol


The crowds later in September are light. I think it may be because parents don’t want to take their kids out of school so early in the year. I hear the crowds in December are light as well, but I won’t know until my visit this year. My point is the crowds will probably be comparable, so it may come down to the resort you want to stay in. I have stayed at WL & it is a beautiful resort. Alot of people will even list this one resort as their favorite. :heart: I will definitely be staying there again. I may be a bit spoiled, but I wouldn’t be too excited about staying in the value resorts even though I have heard many wonderful things about them. Whatever time you choose to go I am sure that you will have a great time. :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


My family and I have been fortunate enough to have stayed at both POR and WL and both have given us wonderful memories.

PO is by far, in our opinion, the best moderate resort by a long chalk. Wonderful grounds, lovely cast members and a truly great food hall.

On the other hand the architecture of the WL is absolutely breathtaking and it’s a genuine joy just to take a slow walk around. The rooms are great and if you were fortunate enough like us, we had a superb lagoon view which was a real treat.

Whichever resort you go for you will not be disappointed. In my opinion you have selected the best 2 resorts Mr Disney has to offer ( OK, The Poly is wonderful to ) :laugh: