National Treasure


I saw National Treasure Book of Secrets this weekend and i was surprised to see many references to the Lost City of Cibola. That is the name of the pool area at CSR. Then when they actually found the treasure, the temple and some of the ruins looked like the things found at the pool. It was cool!


I can’t wait to finally get to see that movie…I’ll wait for it to come on demand more than likely,but can’t wait all the same.


I saw it Christmas week. I really enjoyed it, lots of fun, but I like first one just a little bit better.


We really enjoyed this. Thanks for the link.


DW & I saw it on opening weekend and I preferred it to the first one, which is awesome in its own right.

I did think the same thing about the pool area as well but wrote it off thinking I am just too much of a Disney fan


So true! But even though I did like the first better, they are still two of the most fun movies we have ever seen… Helen Mirren ROCKED IT!!!


wow no one mentioned the goofy short before the movie. I found that kinda cute and clever.