Need A Disney Fix!


Found great cheap airfare… now we just need a resort. Now you know I always have this issue but that’s why I love you guys. :wub: We need a cheap place to stay on Disney where my parents can have there own space and me and my brother can have our own bed. HELP. NO DISNEY MAKE ME GO MAD! :crying:


Well Justin, I am looking at your Disney trips so far list and I see some ‘0’ there. I take that to mean that you haven’t stayed there yet? If so, pick one of the ‘0’ :biggrin:


Which one. :eek:

Like Pop is out because of room issue, unless they have two connecting rooms?


Some of the deluxe hotels have room for a day bed in the room, so there would be a place to sleep for 5. Price might be an issue. You could try PO Riverside, with a trundle bed… You could sleep 5 here… someone would be on a mattress on the floor though-although it is a full sized mattress…


My brother actually does currently sleep on a full size. I read reviews that it’s mainly for like little kids though. He’s currently 11 and i’m unsure if it’s comfortable for him. Anyway, Maybe a suite in ASMusic. I just hate the bus system there. It’s really bad.


Go with 2 rooms vs a suite at a value. 4 real beds, 2 bathrooms, your own zone even w/ M&D next door. And no connection gives you more of your own place in the world.


Don’t get me wrong I would do it but my mom is the crazy type who likes to check on us. xD


Then a connecting door it is. But you 2 would still have your own space.


Oh I thought she meant no door. Sorry misread. This looks great now, and this is in Pop Century or ALM/S?


The discount rate currently out is putting 1 bedroom villas at about $250 a night at Saratoga and Old Key West.

Cheaper than 2 separate rooms.


We are looking into June right now end of school going away trip to start off summer! I found amazing cheap airfare (gotta love jetBlue!) and so far Pop isn’t bad at all! Just hoping we can book it. We just aren’t sure yet, you know!