Need a few DVC points?


There is a listing on ebay for 2000 point DVC contract for sale for only $150,000. 2000 points! That’s a serious.

I would buy it but I don’t know the use year so I’m going to have to pass on it. LOL Anyone need to add on a few points?


I’d do it but my DW would KILL ME!!!:redface:


I told my DH that I found just the right contract for us and he about choked on his dinner. We could stay about 8 weeks with that.

It makes me wonder who this is. Is it a person, if so I want his/her job. Is it a company that uses this as a reward type thing?


That is a great number of points. I can’t imagine who would have bought so many? If it is a single contract then I think they can only sell it as such which is going to be tough regardless of how much they ask per point!:blow:

Still, I would always like more points!!:laugh:


I think investors often buy big lots of pts. and then rent out the properties. On ebay you can see lots of people auctioning off vacation accoodations rather than renting you the pts. I wish I could afford just 200 pts.!


And did you check what is the home resort? Don’t want you stuck with 2,000 points at a resort you’d rather not stay at.:laugh: And don’t forget, you’d still have to pay about $8,000 a year dues. Although if it was me (to dream the impossible dream)…I’d rent out half the points to pay for the dues. Now back to reality.


they are prob owned by someone that stays at the GF and takes all the tours on the platinum plan for 2 weeks- Oh wait- not they dont need the platinum plan… they can fly to disneyland paris for a day instead…

That is nuts! You can buy a house for that much!


The points are at BWV, not my first choice so another reason I’m going to have to pass on them.

Besides, I’m going to be a smart DVCer and get my 2,000 points in different contracts so resale would be easier. I can’t imagine there are too many people or companies that are looking for 2000 DVC points.

At $75 per point Disney is going to get these with ROFR if there is an actual bid of 75. Some waitlist poeple will be pretty happy with that happens.