Need a good Dinner Show


Ok, next Friday is my seminar in Orlando. We will be going to the MK on Sat. I would like to take my family to a entertaining dinner show. Something that has good food and a great show. We have already done the Arabian Nights. Any suggestions?? Thanks


Everyone loves HDD~

And I would suggest avoiding the luau.


Have you looked at Hoop Dee Doo? It’s silly but my family loves it.


Another vote for HDD! And I would not choose the luau either.


Another vote for HDD! Of course, I’m one of the few that enjoyed the luau:blush:


We haven’t done HDD, but we are big fans of the Luau!! Something about that Polynesian spirit…:heart:


HDD have done both HDD and Luau and HDD is the best!


Hoop dee do great. expensive but good food and cute show…


Hoop-De-Doo! :wub: I am such a big fan of that show. A trip to WDW is not complete without a night at the Hoop-De-Doo Revue.


We had a great time at “Spirit of Aloha” at the Poly. The story of the show is a bit silly but the dancing was great and our food was great! We used our dining plan for this. This was the only dinner show open.


Thanks everyone for your opinions. Is there any parking fee if we drive into the campground to eat @ the HDD?


No parking fee- you park at the entrance and take an interior bus to the show. You can also take a boat to FW- the HDDR is very close to the boat dock.


How long is that interior bus ride to Pioneer Hall? We’ve only gone to HDD before while staying on property, but we just booked it for a trip we’re taking in March to stay with family. We’re only going to Disney for that day, so we’ll probably drive to FW, park there, and take the internal bus. We’ve never done that before, so as long as you mentioned it I was just wondering how it works and how long it takes.