Need a Postcard Pixie, please!


Can anyone help me with 2 postcards (2 different kids, 2 different addresses), some time in the near future? :frostyang

We changed our trip from August to Sept for free dining (I never get tired of typing that! :laugh: ) and I was hoping that “Pluto” and “Ariel” could send a greeting (they already received postcards stating that they would see them in August), letting them know that they will now see them in September.

If anyone is headed soon, and doesn’t mind, I would greatly appreciate it. I would gladly return the favor in September! :wub:



I’m not going until the end of May, but I would be happy to if you can wait that long.:smile:


I am going next Saturday. Send me your info and i will glady do it.


Im here, if you send me the addresses and what characters they like and I can mail them out…


Wish, I just sent you a PM. Thank you!