Need a referral for a DVC guide?


DVC members–If you are interested in other members using your name for a referral for DVC post here.

Non-DVC members–If you are looking for information on DVC any of the following members would be happy to pass along their name and the number for their guide. Feel free to PM any member and and ask for a referral. There are incentives running at different times that require a member’s name when you first contact DVC.

Please do not post your guide’s information in this thread, pass it on through a PM.


Great idea, DT!


I am interested in helping people with DVC information in return for using my name as their referral. I would absolutely appreciate a referral because I have never received one. :smile:

Please feel free to PM me, I’ve been a DVC member for several years & have a WONDERFUL guide. :smile:


I would also be happy to be used as a referral, PM me for my information and my guide’s name and number.


This is a fantastic service, DisneyTeacher! Great plan, and anyone can use my guide.


That goes for me too! Just PM me and I’d be happy to get you my guide’s info!


I’ll add my name to this list!!

I would be happy to be used as a referral! I have a great guide too!

Still on a mission for my first referral though!! Feel free to PM me at any time…I’m full of it!! Information that is…LOL!!


I to will add my name to this list if anyone wants some information let me know

Just pm me


ditto! I’m a DVC newbie but love it so far! Have a great guide and own at AKL:mickey:


At me to the list! We are owners at AKL! Our guide was great, he was very helpful!
Just PM me for the details!


I throw my name out there to pm for my guides information


Me too. I’ll be happy to give my Guide’s info!


I’ll be glad to answer questions and feel free to use me as a referral.

I am in real estate and highly recommend DVC. Member at BLT & SSR with a bunch of contracts.

Be sure to use a referral so that you can get offers generally not available to the public. They will NOT ask if you know a member…you MUST tell them that you have a referral. There is NO pressure to buy, unlike MOST timeshare deals.

My guide is Amil and he’s a great guy. One of the senior reps. PM or email me with your contact information and I’ll pass it on or send you his direct contact information.


Add me to the list! I talk about DVC all the time and what a wonderful opportunity it is! PM me if you’d like. We have a great guide as well.


I forgot to add you can use me as a referral as well. :slight_smile:


Me too! We love our guide, he has been great! PM me and I will give you all of the info you"ll need!


We own at Beach Club Villas and Saratoga Springs Resort, I would be glad to share my knowledge and experinece with you. Our Guide is excellent, no pressure tactics from our guide, he is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

If you have any question, feel free to PM me, I would be glad to answer any questions you may have, feel free to use me as a referral.

Best regards,



Im new to DVC. If anyone wants to PM no problem.


This is a GREAT thread. Anyone on MB who is considering purchasing DVC should TOTALLY use a referral here (if you don’t have one already).


I am more than happy for someone to use my guide and would be very thankful for the referral!:cool:

Our guide is just awesome!