Need a referral for a DVC guide?


Nope, I’ve never actually met my guide. She’s been wonderfulto work with but I’ve never met her in person.


She sure is! :happy:


I actually have TWO guides…one I have been assigned to since I showed interest in 2002 or 2003, and one that I closed with.

I recently had a problem with something and my original guise (Michelle MacAllister) couldn’t help me. I got on the phone and called the guy I closed with and he fixed my problem!!!

I am going to send an email to Member Services asking them to switch my guide to Amil. I will NEVER meet Michelle anyway…she works from home.

Anyone have any problems switching guides???


I’ll add my name to the list.

Jeff. Send me a private message, and I’ll give you the rest of my information, and the sales rep (guide) I used at Disneyland DVC.


We had a great guide and he calls frequently with updates. If you’re interested, please PM me and I’ll give you his info.


Now that us in Pa can get referrals, let me throw my name in too. It wasn’t until a few months ago that we could get them. As most people, I think my guide is great…(we sound like parents bragging about our kids LOL). How about a bumper sticker…“My DVC guide is on the honor roll at WDW”?


Add my name to the list too. Our guide was wonderful - very informative and more than willing to answer questions even after we purchased. You can IM me.


We would love to be your referral. We are fairly new members and really appreciated the member who helped us out. We love our guide and he is very attentive to what we need. Feel free to PM me with any quesitons you have or if you would like our name.

Good luck on your purchase!!!


include me …I have the greatest guide he he has been with DVC since the beginning …a great guy and extremely knowledgable …PM me and i will be happy to help you hook up with him…thanks in advance It would be great to get a referral


[QUOTE=DisneyTeacher;876352]DVC members–If you are interested in other members using your name for a referral for DVC post here.

Non-DVC members–If you are looking for information on DVC any of the following members would be happy to pass along their name and the number for their guide. Feel free to PM any member and and ask for a referral. There are incentives running at different times that require a member’s name when you first contact DVC.

Please do not post your guide’s information in this thread, pass it on through a PM.[/QUOTE]

Anyone wanting to know about the DVC is more than welcome to drop me a line anytime…


This is a GREAT time for people who have been thinking about joining to get referral discounts & STILL get a great incentive!!! I wish I would have gotten such good incentives when I joined! :tongue:

I am still happy to talk to anyone who wants info about DVC. Our guide has been with DVC since Day 1 & it shows. I specifically asked to be with this guide years ago b/c of his expertise & dedication to members.


I agree, it is a good time to call with a referral. We didn’t get any incentives when we bought in since we bought at a sold out resort (BCV) but I would rather have the lower price than get developer points that I may or may not be able to use or rent.


Now that I’m an official dvc’er, I would love to refer anyone to my guide. She’s not located in Florida, as we purchased ours at a Disney Vacation Club storefront at Woodfield Mall in Illinois. So attention Midwest folk, if you aren’t going to Disney for a while, but still want to see Bay Lake Tower mock up villa, there’s a local place you can go and my guide is wonderful.


I love our Guide. I have recommended her to several people. Feel free to use me as a referral. PM for information!!


My son’s band teacher was just there yesterday. In fact, he called to ask a couple of questions and tell me how awesome the BLT units looked. I can’t wait to find out if they bought in, they’ve been thinking about it for a year or more.


I can recommend a really great Guide, too! :wub:


I’d be interested in using myself as a referral also. I have TWO SO FAR!!! Luv the perks!!!


Any NorthEast MBers interested…come check out the new Doorway to Dreams Preview Center at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island. We open next Thursday (Sept 17) and we will also have a 2br BLT villa there for you to see. Be sure to ask for me…Kim. :slight_smile:


I’d love to be used for a referral by someone thinking about DVC. Ask me anything and I’ll help you get the answers. My guide is terrific.


You can add me to the list. I have a fantastic guide. Just e mail or Pm me for info.