Need a Signature Meal near Magic Kingdom


Ive decided to use 2 of my free Dining credits on a signature meal near MK for the last day of our August trip. Since were arriving at 9pm, Ill have an extra meal to use, so why not splurge. Me and my 13 DS will be at MK that night and currently have an ADR at Artist Point for 7pm. Ive never had dinner here. Could only do C. Grill at 5:10 which was to early. Should I keep the A. point or might Narcoosees/Citricos be a better option.(Love Mizners lounge at the GF).

I went with my wife to Citricos but thought it might be a little swanky for a 13 boy. The WLodge has that Man feel which I like. Im also wondering which meal would mesh best with my other choices that week.

ANy thoughts on this would be appreciated!

Staying at POP
Friday - Chefs De France
SAt. Le Cellier
Sun. Hoop De Doo
Mon. 50’s prime Time (Paying cash here to get the 2 credits, Mabye I should do a 1 credit Tues?)
Tues Artist Point?


Keep Artist Point!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

I just had such a perfectly magical experience there- amazing food and perfect (and perfectly laid back) service that I highly, highly recommend it.


I would also keep Artist Point.
I’ve seen nothing but great reviews and you get to check out the WL!


I would keep Artist Point. I have read great reviews about that restaurant. We have ate at the California Grill, and the view, service and food are all terrific, but 5:10 is just too early for dinner.


Artist Point all the way. CG is alright at fireworks time, but you waste the view that early. Good luck.


How many nights are you staying?


What time are you leaving on your last night? If its late, maybe you can go to Narcoossees for the fireworks.


I’m all in with Artist Point!


I’ve never been, but I would stick with Artist’s Point - seems perfect for a father/son chow down. I’ve only heard good things about it and have always wanted to try it myself!