Need ADR Advice for picky eaters


We are going in Sept. with the free dining and I have made several ADRs.

Sun - Hoop-Dee-Doo (counts as 2)
Mon - Liberty Tree Tavern
Tues - Hollywood & Vine (Fantasmic package)
Wed - None (We might eat at Planet Hollywood because I think we get some kind of coupon with our package.)
Thu - Sci-Fi
Fri - Tony’s Town Square
Sat - Le Cellier

I am kind of undecided on the Hollywood & Vine. When I made my ADR, I asked what time Fantasmic was showing. The lady didn’t know. So, will I still get priority seating? Do they automatically give you a voucher for seating when you are there for your meal? Also, is Fantasmic worth it?

I was also considering Whispering Canyon instead of one of my ADRs. We have never eaten at any of these places, so I would love to hear some reviews.

Also, I should mention that although I love trying new things and eating a wide variety of food, my DH and DS (10) are very, very picky. DH likes burgers, steak, potatoes, corn, pizza, spaghetti, chicken and other simple foods. DS is just the same. So, I want to choose places that they will be able to get basic stuff.

Also, Friday night, when we have an ADR for Tony’s Town Square, it is the haunted Halloween. If we get tickets for that, are we allowed to stay in the park? I’m not sure how that works.

All suggestions, advice, and comments are appreciated!!



Your ADRs look great and will definitely please picky eaters (such as myself). You can get basic food at all of them. Whispering Canyon has decent food and a fun atmosphere–I’d choose that over Tony’s Town Square or Sci-Fi.

Fantasmic is absolutely worth it. If you have an ADR with the Fantasmic package added-on (you should have had to hold the ADR with a credit card), you’ll get a voucher for the show when you’re seated at the restaurant. Keep H&V–it’s decent food and the package is worth it.

On your MNSSHP night, you will not be able to stay in the park unless you have tickets for the party (they’re about $27 bucks a pop and definitely worth it–it’s a great night).

Have fun!!


My DD and I are picky eaters too. I think your choices are perfect. As for the HAlloween party, yes you can stay in the park after your dinner at wait. You are able to get your wrist bands for that fairly early. No worries about leaving and coming back. :heart:


Thanks Bali & Dana. We will be purchasing the tickets for the Halloween party. We did that last year and had a wonderful time. I was hoping that we could just eat dinner and then stay in the park. That will work out perfectly.

I am seriously considering cancelling my Sci-Fi and doing the Whispering Canyon. DS will be 11 when we go to WDW. He likes Science Fiction, but the Whispering Canyon looks like it might be more fun.

When I made my ADR for H&V, I was asked for a CC. I might call back to confirm that my reservation is for the package. I think it only counts as 1 table service. Also, I made my H&V DR for 6:00. Will that work with the timing of Fantasmic?



Frankly, I’d drop Tony’s, put WCC in for it. WCC is a nice little boat ride from MK - it will be a nice break and a lot of fun, and it’s a VERY good choice for “simple” palates (for which I TOTALLY can relate as my DH is EXTREMEMLY culinarily challenged, LOL, and loves WCC!)

I would NOT however drop Sci-Fi - the ambiance is just not to be missed in here! When you walk out of the Florida sunshine into the crisp night air of a drive-in theater with the stars above - well, it’s just too cool! My DS11 and DS9 and dd5 love this place! It’s not so much about science fiction - the movies are like fodder for something on the comedy show Mystery Science Theater 3000 - corny old “horror” flicks, interspersed with the old drive-in movie ads. Not scary - just funny for kids and adults to watch, really, to see how far we’ve come with special effects! If you stick to the simple fare (burgers, beverages, etc) you’ll be fine, although we’ve dined here many times and never had anything bad.

Good luck and happy dining!


Fantasmic is awesome but I have to say that I wont be doing the reserved seating again- it was not impressive and we did not have much time once we finished eating to get there (we did brown derby and the whole dinner was a mess. They made us get our table at 3 and we had to wait to be seated in the empty rest. The kids were chompin at the bit because the cars and stars parade was going on and they had to miss it because the reservation thingy did not get reception out on the parade route. So we waited for a table that took forever, did not get to see the parade and dinner took so long because of our party size that we had to run to get our “reserved” seats that quite frankly sucked since they were way off to the side and so we missed any front view- all of the songs and lights were aimed at the center)
That said- we love the fantasmic show- I would just get center seats instsead. Also We LOVE Whoopdeedo- I dont know Whispering canyon…hmmm something to look into??? Cool!
I like the buffet style meals as the kids get to pick and choose and that makes it so much less stressfull for us! JMO



I am sure you will find something for everybody at each of the places you’ve chosen. My guys are pretty picky too, but always seem to find something they will eat.


My DMIL is really picky and she was happy at all of your choices but Tony’s since we didn’t make it there the day we had an ADR. My DMIL is a chicken strip and fries kind of gal but she found something to eat at every restaurant we took her to.


Thanks everyone! I don’t know why, but I always have a major problem making decisions. Then when I make them, I keep wondering if I should change them! I already changed the times on several of them.
I would love to give WCC a try this trip, but I think I will wait and do it on the next trip. We have an ADR at MK at Tony’s on Friday, but I will need to keep that because we are going to MNSSHP that night. We have a 5:45 ADR, which was the latest one I could get.

We have NEVER been to so many table service meals in one week. This will really be treat for us! There are so many great places to try, it’s hard to narrow it down. I think I have driven my DH crazy. He thinks I’m nuts to plan so far in advance. Then when I asked him for his opinion on the ADR times, he just told me that it didn’t matter.
Thanks again!!