NEED ADVICE-ADR for last night!


Okay, I know ya’ll remember the ADR’s exactly that I posted a month or so ago but I’ll post them again:

Mama Melrose
Liberty Tree Tavern
Citricos (2-pointer)

Since, we added a night onto the beginning of our trip to make our drive over easier, we got another free day of meals.

So…we need to add an ADR for our last night of the trip.

Any suggestions? (no 2-pointers please)

And I need a brief essay on why:laugh:


I said…

HELP! :pirate:


Hahaha…I think the essay part scared everyone away!

Will you be in any particular park on that last night?



How about Ohana’s? You can make MK your last park of your trip! :heart:


I agree with Ohanas. We usually start our trip there. But what great place to end it!

Essay portion:

Good food, great view of the fireworks and not to forget the bannana fosters bread pudding…yummy!:laugh:


OK…so that wasn’t an essay, but more of a summary!:laugh:


Title: Dana’s last meal pick for you
I think you and your family should choose O’hanna for your last night’s meal at WDW. The food and service are fantastic! The only thing better then that is the beautiful view of wishes as you enjoy your meal. It’s a great family fun meal for all.

Not the best essay I have ever written, but I’m hot and grouchy. It will just have to do. Now, go to O’hanna or I’ll whoop your butt…how’s that for convincing? LOLOL


I say 'Ohana and here’s why…

It’s my one “can’t-miss” meal at WDW. It just has to be done at some point in the trip! I haven’t been there since they changed the menu, but honestly I’m not sure it’s the menu that matters. What matters is that you’re right there in the heart of WDW and you can go out and stroll the beautiful Poly after your meal! :heart: (And even better, maybe watch Wishes from a hammock!)


Wow, MB mostly seems the ULTIMATE arena for different (but good) opinions, but I think I heard…OHANAS!!!

Like many (most?) of you, we always end up at MK the last night, but MK is not exactly the best place for cuisine although there’s certainly good cuisine close by.

We’ve had the character breakfast there, but never dinner, so I’m intrigued and it is right there…


Oh, I was joking about the essay (I was a biology major).


I think you’d like Whispering Canyon, if you haven’t been there yet.


OK, I love O’hanas but I’d suggest a Boardwalk area rest. to take advantage of all of the walking area attractions. I see you are on the plan of course, so Im going to suggest the Cape May buffet. The cuisine should contrast nicely with your other meals and you have the ambiance of the beach club. You already have some MK area meals. Then a beaches and cream stop with a stroll around the boardwalk.


'Ohana IS a great choice - but, I’m gonna go with my boy(girl?) Bribren - Do SPOOODLES at the BOARDWALK! The Boardwalk is the PERFECT way to start your trip. :happy: :heart:


I say O’hana because I just ate there for the first time a week ago and it was the best meat I have ever had in my life! Yum.


Is Ohana a two meal restaraunt? Edit:no
I’d suggest the Wolfgang Puck Cafe (downstairs). You can catch fireworks and still get to DTD in time for your reservation. Since Levy Restaraunts is operating WP, as well as Fulton’s, you can be sure it’s going to be good.
If you are going to stay in the Boardwalk area, either Spoodles or Big River should give you a bit more bang for your buck over Cape May.
Concourse Steakhouse is also an option for a good filet mignon in an open airy space that gives you constant views of monorails. You could also consider eating dinner with Winnie the Pooh at Crystal Palace. This should give you a start.


Some good suggestions, although by considering them I’m risking tushie damage from the Moderator…:laugh:

We did Whispering last summer and are jumping over to Boma this time, but WC was great.

Decisons, decisons.

[don’t tell Dana if we eat somewhere else:rolleyes:]